by The Betoota Advocate

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Publication Date: October 26, 2021

ISBN: 9781760987749

Binding: Paperback

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Sugarcane Champagne / sug-ar-cane sham-'pén / 1. Bundaberg Rum/Bundy Rum 2. Biblical holy water produced and enjoyed in South East Queensland 3. Official fighting fluid of North Queensland See also: Cane Cutter's Cordial; Square Bear; Biff Syrup Ex. 'You've always gotta be careful on a night out in North Queensland, those pubs are full of blokes who fill up on the Sugarcane Champagne and throw hands . . .' Betoota-isms is a deep dive into Australian culture, invention and creativity with a complete record of 'English' as it is used from the Member's Box of the MCG to the change rooms of the Betoota Dolphins rugby league club. Discover the meaning of the Michelle Pfeiffer (the Pfizer). Identify, with confidence, our nation's leaders: Scotty from Marketing, Dictator Dan and Hot Mess Gladys. Ask your mate to pick you up a 'bachelor's handbag' and some bread rolls on his next run to Coles.