Looking for Palestine: Growing Up Confused in an Arab-American Family

by Najla Said

Publisher: Penguin Group USA

Publication Date: November 19, 2014

ISBN: 9781594632754

Binding: Paperback

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The daughter of a prominent Palestinian father and a sophisticated Lebanese mother, Najla Said grew up in New York City, confused and conflicted about her cultural background and identity, unsure about who she was supposed to be, and often in denial of the differences she sensed between her family and those around her. She may have been born a Palestinian-Lebanese American, but in Najla's mind she grew up first as a WASP (baptized Episcopalian in Boston; attending the wealthy Upper East Side girls' school Chapin), then as a teenaged Jew, essentially denying her true roots, even to herself, until well into adulthood. As she grew older, making increased visits to Palestine and Beirut, Najla's world-view shifted, making it impossible for Najla to continue to pick and choose her identity, in some ways allowing her to see herself and her passions more clearly. 'A compassionate and candid book on her courageous coming-of-age in contemporary America. Said is a brilliant, talented, and sensitive artist with a larger-than-life, loving father.' Professor Cornel West 'Najla Said has written more than a memoir. Looking for Palestine is a survivor's guide for all of us who live with that feeling of being out of place wherever we are.' Moustafa Bayoumi, author of How Does It Feel to Be a Problem?- Being Young and Arab in America 'Thoughtful, searching, and open-eyed . . . A haunting and singular life story.' Diana Abu-Jaber, author of Crescent