Think And Grow Rich

by Napoleon Hill

Publisher: Penguin Group USA

Publication Date: December 07, 2011

ISBN: 9781585428960

Binding: Paperback

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ARE YOU READY FOE RICHES? 'The principles in this book were gathered from the life experience of more than five hundred men who actually accumulated riches in huge amounts; men who began in poverty, with but little education, without influence. The principles worked for these men. You can put them to work for your own enduring benefit. 'You will find it easy, not hard, to do.' Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill has become the must-have bible of prosperity and success for millions of readers since its initial publication in 1937. The thirteen 'Steps to Riches' that Hill outlines have become the stepping-stones to a greater life for people in all walks of life, from businesspeople to students to any who want to live their purpose and follow their passion. Published in this interactive, easy-to-use large format with more than a dozen special features, this will be the only edition that serious students of Think and Grow Rich will want to use not only to read the text, but also to understand it and put it into action in their lives. THE ULTIMATE EDITION OF THE ALL-TIME BEATSELLER! Now, from the #1 publisher of Napoleon Hill's books, comes the most complete and essential edition of Think and Grow Rich ever published. For the first time in one volume, this classic book offers these powerful tools- The original 1937 text of Hill's classic book The '90-Day Think and Grow Rich Journey' instruction and checklist Instructions on how to form a powerful Master Mind Group and/or a Master Mind Partnership Pull-out quotes for memorization and inspiration Additional quotes on success, from history's greatest men and women of accomplishment 'Questions for Success' at the end of each chapter Success Action-Steps that tie in to each of Hill's13 Steps to Riches Further motivational writing on prosperity and success from bestselling authors James Allen, Wallace Wattles, Raymond Charles Barke