The Teeth of the Tiger

by Tom Clancy

Publisher: Penguin UK

Publication Date: January 29, 2014

ISBN: 9781405915496

Binding: Paperback

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When his back's against the wall, the President turns to secret intelligence agency the 'Campus'. And to operative Jack Ryan, Jr . . .
Just before Jack Ryan stepped down as US President, he created a secret organisation designed to operate in areas where the CIA and FBI couldn't go - able to use any and all means to neutralise terrorists who threatened America.
Now his son, Jack Ryan, Jr, is part of that organisation and he's on the front line when a group of Islamic terrorists backed up by Colombian drug smugglers, strike at the heart of American society. With no conventional way to hit back at the shadowy ringleaders, it's left to Jack Ryan Jr to take on the terrorists the only way he knows how . . .
Praise for Tom Clancy-
'Heart-stopping action . . . entertaining and eminently topical.'Washington Post
'Classic Clancy . . . well-constructed tension and realistic action.'Short List
'Exhilarating. No other novelist is giving so full a picture of modern conflict.'Sunday Times