My Little French Kitchens, Market Squares And Shores Of France

by Rachel Khoo

Publisher: Penguin UK

Publication Date: November 20, 2013

ISBN: 9780718177478

Binding: Hardback

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This book took me on an adventure around France by train, plane, bus, car and bike - at one point, I was even driving a minibus! Up winding roads and down dirt tracks, through howling wind, rain, snow, hail . . . you name it, I braved every kind of weather. I was a woman on a mission to discover those recipes, now long forgotten and stuffed in the back of a drawer, made by regional French grandmas. But not just the old recipes- I was interested to see what France looked like today. How was the younger generation eating?

Each recipe is a postcard from my little kitchen to yours, savouring the flavours, smells and textures that inspired me, and that I hope will inspire you too. Bon voyage on my little culinary tour of France! I hope you enjoy the trip. Rachel x