Establishment, The

by Owen Jones

Publisher: Penguin UK

Publication Date: April 22, 2015

ISBN: 9780141974996

Binding: Paperback

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The question of who really rules us, and what they are up to, matters more than ever. Journeying into the shadowy and labyrinthine system that dominates our lives, from the lobbies of Westminster to the towering corporate headquarters of the City, Owen Jones reveals how today's Establishment is bound together by a common mentality, a set of ideas that helps it rationalise and justify an amassing of wealth and power that has no precedent in modern times. The people at the top, Jones shows, represent the biggest threat to our democracy - and it is time they were challenged. 'Fantastic, timely, eye-opening.' Armando Iannucci 'Captures a collective sense of anger and awakening.' Matt Haig, Observer, Books of the Year 'A book of revelations . . . The Establishment have stitched it up - stitched you up - and they know it.' Danny Dorling, Times Higher Education Supplement 'A dissection of the profoundly and sickeningly corrupt state that is present-day Britain. He is a fine writer, and this is a truly necessary book.' Philip Pullman 'You will be enlightened and angry.' Irvine Welsh 'Owen Jones is a phenomenon of our times.' David Kynaston, The Times Literary Supplement 'Our generation's Orwell.' Russell Brand