Turing's Cathedral

by George Dyson

Publisher: Penguin UK

Publication Date: April 24, 2013

ISBN: 9780141015903

Binding: Paperback

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How did computers take over the world? This is the story of how the PC, ipod, smartphone and almost every aspect of modern life came into being. In 1945 a small group of brilliant engineers and mathematicians gathered at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, determined to build a computer that would make Alan Turing's theory of a 'universal machine' reality. Led by the polymath émigré John von Neumann, they created the numerical framework that underpins almost all modern computing - and ensured that the world would never be the same again. 'Intensely human . . . a gripping account of ideas and invention.' Jenny Uglow, Sunday Express 'Hair-on-neck-standing-up inspiring.' Cory Doctorow 'Glorious . . . as much a story of the personalities involved as of the discoveries they made, and you do not need any knowledge of computers or mathematics to enjoy the ride . . . a ripping yarn.' John Gribbin, Literary Review 'Riveting . . . conveys the electrifying sense of possibility that the first computers unleashed . . . a page-turner.' New Scientist 'Brings to life a myriad cast of extraordinary characters, each of whom contributed to ushering in today's digital age.' Daily Telegraph 'Engrossing.' Evgeny Morozov, Observer