Governing The World

by Mark Mazower

Publisher: Penguin UK

Publication Date: July 24, 2013

ISBN: 9780141011936

Binding: Paperback

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Mark Mazower's acclaimed book recreates two centuries of international government - the struggle to bring order to an anarchic and dangerous world. From the plans for peace that arose out of the Napoleonic Wars to our present institutions, it shows how what started as a European story became the framework for today's world, as free traders, communists, utopians and nationalists all put forward their own radical visions of global harmony. At a time when when our faith in international cooperation is waning, the UN is discredited, American power is diminishing and global finance dominates, Mazower asks, can anyone really govern the world? 'On rare occasions, a work of history emerges that not only fundamentally refashions our understanding of the past, it enables us to reassess the present and, with luck, influence our future.' Misha Glenny 'A prodigious work . . . A dramatic, novel account of ideas and institutions in collision with hard realities . . . Profound, relevant, and a pleasure to read.' Fritz Stern 'Mazower is a man of immense erudition . . . a remarkable book.' Jay Nordlinger, Standpoint 'Cosmopolitan, humane, learned, and properly sceptical. Written in clear, elegant prose.' Ian Buruma 'A book that needed to be written . . . truly illuminating . . . Mazower tells it with authority and verve.' Adam Zamoyski, Literary Review