7 Easy to Prepare Dog Menu Recipes

A Healthy Tummy for a Happy Dog!
by Junisia Hey
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Publisher: Trafford Publishing

Publication Date: January 12, 2018

ISBN: 9781490717517

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I was inspired by healthy eating and went searching for fruits and vegetables good for the health of our dogs Eve and Lex. Which Vegetables and fruits are good and which ones are not good for our dogs. Eve used to have problem with her stomach, this pushed me to start changing the dog treats to see which one was the right one for her. Some did great for a week and then the stomach problem start taking over again. And so i decided to prepare my own dog food. I would mix dog treats with the food and after that Eve could eat without any stomach problems. This book is made to help you in a short time to prepare great food for your dog, in an easy and healthy way. The dog recipes are tasty for the dogs. So thats why this book is about easy steps to prepare food for your dog with a healthy touch. In this book in the Nutrition facts you will find the fruits and vegetables good for your dog. Carrying vitamins and minerals and more. all the fruits and vegetables in our book are used in the recipes. If it is the first time you giving vegetables to your dog it is better for you to dice them in small pieces and steam them of boil them with meat and mix them in their food. You can be creative as well. So feel free and enjoy preparing a great food for your dog!