40 Dangerous Mistakes Women Make With Men That Make Them Unhappy-How To Avoid Them

by Emmanuel Toklo

Publisher: Emmanuel Toklo

Publication Date: December 30, 2016

ISBN: 9781370790784

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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This is a book with focus on women about common mistakes they make with their partners and ended up becoming unhappy. Women all over the globe seem to have these common mistakes that they make in their relationship with their partners. In fact, I have taken the pain to put these dangerous mistakes down for you to enable you avoid them and maintain your man. As a relationship counsellor, I want to see everybody enjoy his or her relationship to the fullest, hence this book is written for you. I encourage you to read this book with an open mind so that you can enjoy the out of the book. The 40 mistakes are activities and habits we engage in with our partners on daily basis without taking notice of them.