1588: A Calendar of Crime

A Novel in Five Books
by Shirley McKay
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Publisher: Birlinn

Series: 1588: A Calendar of Crime

Publication Date: November 03, 2016

ISBN: 9780857909114

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A novel in five books featuring:

A grisly murder

A vanishing corpse

A secret romance

A ghostly tale for Halloween

An innocent accused

  1. It is a dark and turbulent time. Scotland’s queen has been executed, the Spanish king seeks revenge, and the people of St Andrews cling desperately to the rhythm of the old ways.

The ancient burgh is renowned throughout Europe as a seat of Church and learning but it is also a town full of suspicion, conspiracy and murder. Shirley McKay sets her intriguing and sometimes comic tale around the key points in the calendar: the four quarter days of Candlemas, Whitsun, Lammas, Martinmas and the feast day of Yule.

When the first victim is discovered on Candlemas Eve, Hew Cullan, scholar and lawyer, is called upon to investigate; the dark side of the sixteenth century comes alive in a rich tapestry infused with the textures of history and folklore, woven by a master crime writer.