"'Tis Sixty Years Since"

by Charles Francis Adams


Publication Date: December 07, 2018

ISBN: 1230002981819

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Excerpt from Tis Sixty Years Since: Address of Charles Francis Adams, Founders Day, January 16, 1913, University of South Carolina

To say that in life and in the order of life's events it is the unexpected which is apt to occur, is a commonplace. That it has been so in my own case, I shall presently show. Meanwhile, not least among the unexpected things is my presence here to-day. If, when I entered Harvard in 18 5 3, it had been suggested that in 1913, I, born of the New England Sanhedrim, a Brahmin Yankee by blood, tradition and environment - had it been sug gested that I, being such, would sixty years later stand by invitation here in Columbia before the faculty and students of the University of South Carolina, I should under circumstances then existing have pronounced the suggestion as beyond reasonable credence. Here, how ever, I am; and here, from this as my rostrum, I propose to-day to deliver a message, such as it is.