'Equine Epitaph - Under the Rainbow'

Fraser Island's Last Brumby
by Fred Williams
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Publisher: Balboa Press AU

Publication Date: September 12, 2018

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The books on Fraser Island all draw to a great extent on the reminiscences and records of people who have long lived TWO DECADES BEFORE Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) set foot on Fraser Island in 1971. The Maryborough Chronicle 20, August 1952: WARNED: GOD FORBID THAT ANY ATTEMPT SHOULD BE MADE TO TURN [Fraser Island] INTO A TOURISTS PARADISE WHICH WOULD RUIN ITS CALM SERENITY, ITS NATURAL BEAUTY AND ITS FISHING. visitors had an occasional sight of wild horses and although they saw no dingoes, pad marks around the camp each morning indicated they had been inspected at night by dingoes Perhaps, because dingoes look like our pet dogs, it can be easily overlooked that they are carnivores. It was it seems overlooked by the manager that failed to follow their own published warning Dingoes like other dogs are capable of killing people (dFIDMS 1999) TWO YEARS BEFORE THE ATTACK IN 2001. Instead, the manager insisted in their approved Management Plans on prioritizing uncontrolled numbers of tourists (Overlander August 1985) as a revenue raiser. Failing to adhere to their Duty Of Care Responsibility. It seems they set a financial objective over the Number- 1 far more obvious Strategy/Priority of Public Safety entering and using the most complex State Run National Park in Australia. In case we forget how serious this is; please remember dingoes are starving and can savagely attack, (like at Waddy Point) according to Dr. Paul Anderson Government Medical Officer said Clinton Gage was disemboweled his face, neck, lower abdomen and legs mauled (Fraser Coast Chronicle May 2, 2001.) The author is gravely concerned! A SOLUTION IS DISCUSSED IN THE BOOK! FRASERS FUTURE IS IN YOUR HANDS!