. . . and Now the Journey Continues

The Two Serial Killers in Southern California at Long Last Meet. Will It Be Before or After They Complete Their Evil Deeds?
by Frances Smith Savage
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Publisher: AuthorHouse

Publication Date: January 12, 2018

ISBN: 9781481709781

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The Journey Continues -- is the third part of the trilogy about two serial killers. The book begins as one of the serial killers at long last finds his intended victim. Because of the pressure caused by a true crime book about two serial killers in Southern California specifically the High Desert he is determined to find the second serial killer. The book continues as he leaves messages for the authorities that hes back and he makes his own search simply because he needs a place to hide. He stumbled upon the underground modernized mine and realized he found his place and the mine served his purpose. He, however, had to prove himself.

The story continues as the survivors are victimized again. They work with the authorities to stop the carnage. The story deals with families, authorities, victims, trust, love, and fear. Those who are thrown together, but still find comfort in helping one another.