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Elephants on Acid

by Alex Boese

<b>"Boese's kooky look at history's most outlandish, provocative and downright ridiculous scientific endeavours (zombie kittens anyone?) will keep you smiling." <i>Sunday Herald</i></b> <b>"Excellent accounts of some of the most important and ...

ISBN: 9781509822195

Binding: Paperback


Energy: A Beginner's Guide

by Vaclav Smil

With his famous equation, E=mc2, Einstein showed us that all matter can be described as energy. It is everywhere; it is everything. In this engaging introduction, renowned author and scientist Vaclav Smil covers a wide range of topics, from the ...

ISBN: 9781786071330

Binding: Paperback


Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress

by Steven Pinker

If you follow the news, the 21st century doesn't seem to be going so well. From 9/11 to the Great Recession, the Syrian civil war, the Ebola epidemic, growing inequality, racial unrest, and bitterly contested elections, the world seems to be ...

ISBN: 9780241337011

Binding: Paperback


Environmental Impact Assessment in Practice

by Nick Harvey

Environmental Impact Assessment in Practice is a comprehensive overview and comparison of Australian environmental impact assessment regimes. Broken into to three parts, the first part addresses the procedures, practices and issues and the ...

ISBN: 9780195576887

Binding: Paperback



Discovering Your Inner Scientist

by Chad Orzel

ISBN: 9780465074969

Binding: Paperback


Eureka!: An Infographic Guide to Science

by Tom Cabot

Discover how the world really works in this spectacular journey through space and time that shows the fundamentals of science in groundbreaking visuals, from the Big Bang to Artificial Intelligence. Following each stage of the development of ...

ISBN: 9780008129361

Binding: Hardback


Everything You Know About Science Is Wrong

by Matt Brown

A highly entertaining, myth-busting read for anyone with even a passing interest in science. Hot on the heels of the fascinating compendium Everything You Know About London Is Wrong, this next book in the series, written by author Matt Brown in

ISBN: 9781849944021

Binding: Paperback


Exercises for the Feynman Lectures on Physics

by Matthew Sands

ISBN: 9780465060719

Binding: Paperback


Eye of the Shoal

by Helen Scales

<b>'Scales's genuine appreciation and awe for fish are contagious.' <i>Science</i></b><br>Seventy per cent of the earth's surface is covered by water. This vast aquatic realm is inhabited by a multitude of strange creatures and reigning supreme ...

ISBN: 9781472936813

Binding: Paperback


Fabric Of The Cosmos, The

by Brian Greene

<i>'A magnificent challenge to conventional ideas'</i> - Financial Times <i>'I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It manages to be both challenging and entertaining- it is highly recommended' </i> - The Independent <i>'(Greene) send(s) ...

ISBN: 9780141011110

Binding: Paperback


Fabric Of The Cosmos: Popular Penguins, The

by Brian Greene

Brian Greene's <i>The Fabric of the Cosmos</i> is an astonishing grand tour of the universe and the best layman's guide to current thinking on 'how everything works'. This rollercoaster ride explores the mysteries of space and time; asks ...

ISBN: 9780141037622

Binding: Paperback


Farewell to Reality

How Fairytale Physics Betrays the Search for Scientific Truth

by Jim Baggott

ISBN: 9781780334929

Binding: Paperback


Fashion Face-off: Trump Cards

by Maia Adams

ISBN: 9781856699020

Binding: Cards


Fermat's Last Theorem

by Simon Singh

The extraordinary story of the solving of a puzzle that has confounded mathematicians since the 17th century. The solution of Fermat's Last Theorem is the most important mathematical development of the 20th century. In 1963 a schoolboy browsing

ISBN: 9781841157917

Binding: Paperback


Feynman's Tips on Physics

Reflections, Advice, Insights, Practice

by Richard Feynman

ISBN: 9780465027972

Binding: Paperback


Fight For Beauty: A Path to a Better Future

by Fiona Reynolds

We re walking into a crisis of immense proportions, because of the triple whammy of climate change, biodiversity collapse and the loss of cultural heritage - the things that sustain us and make us who we are. We re told the only thing that ...

ISBN: 9781780748757

Binding: Hardback


Fluke: The Strange Mathematics of Coincidence and Fate

by Joseph Mazur

Imagine this- you are browsing used books in a bookstore hundreds of miles from home when you come across a copy of Moby Dick, which you remember reading as a child. You open it and find your own name on the inside cover.<br>What are the ...

ISBN: 9781780748993

Binding: Paperback


Food Safety - the Science of Keeping Food Safe 2E

by Ian C. Shaw

This accessible textbook addresses all the topics pertinent to a full understanding of keeping food safe. Each chapter proceeds from introductory concepts and builds towards a sophisticated treatment of the topic, allowing the reader to take ...

ISBN: 9781119133667

Binding: Paperback


Forensics for Dummies, 2nd Edition

by Douglas P. Lyle

<b>Understand the real-life science behind crime scene investigation</b> <p><i>Forensics For Dummies</i> takes you inside the world of crime scene investigation to give you the low down on this exciting field. Written by a doctor and former Law ...

ISBN: 9781119181651

Binding: Paperback