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Direction of Time


Ever a source of philosophical conjecture and debate, the concept of time represents the beating heart of physics. This final work by the distinguished physicist Hans Reichenbach represents the culmination and integration of a lifetime's ...

ISBN: 9780486409269

Binding: Paperback


Disappearing Spoon...and other true tales from the PeriodicTable, The

by Sam Kean

Why did Gandhi hate iodine (I, 53)? Why did the Japanese kill Godzilla with missiles made of cadmium (Cd, 48)? How did radium (Ra, 88) nearly ruin Marie Curie's reputation? And why did tellurium (Te, 52) lead to the most bizarre gold rush in ...

ISBN: 9780552777506

Binding: Paperback


Dispatches From Continent Seven: An Anthology Of Antarctic Science

by Priestley Rebecca

Since British explorer James Cook first circumnavigated Antarctica in the late 18th century, the white continent has exerted a powerful attraction. There is no permanent human habitation, and no mercy from the raw, relentless elements, yet for ...

ISBN: 9781927249055

Binding: Paperback


Do Polar Bears Get Lonely?

And 101 Other Intriguing Science Questions

by Scientist New

ISBN: 9781473651234

Binding: Paperback


Doctor Who: The Doctor Who Book of Whoniversal Records

by Simon Guerrier

<i>The Doctor Who Book of Whoniversal Records</i> is a celebration of the greatest - and strangest - achievements from the brilliant, impossible world of Doctor Who. Bursting with firsts and bests both human and alien - from the biggest ...

ISBN: 9781785942198

Binding: Hardback


Does Anything Eat Wasps

And 101 Other Questions

by Scientist New

ISBN: 9781473651333

Binding: Paperback


Dogs: Best in Show:Trump Cards

by Polly Homer

ISBN: 9781856699013

Binding: Cards


Don't Be Such a Scientist, Second Edition

Talking Substance in an Age of Style

by Randy Olson

<p>In <i>Don’t Be Such a Scientist</i>, Randy Olson recounts the lessons from his own hilarious—and at times humiliating—evolution from science professor to Hollywood filmmaker, sharing the secrets of talking substance in an age of style. The ...

ISBN: 9781610919173

Binding: Paperback


Dr Karl's Short Back & Science

by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

<i>Lean back and settle in for cutting-edge scientific snippets from the trend-setting Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.</i> In <i><b>Short Back &amp; Science</b></i>, Dr Karl combs through some of the greatest scientific conundrums of our age, such as ...

ISBN: 9781925480467

Binding: Paperback


Drugs That Changed Our Minds: The history of psychiatry in ten treatments

by Lauren Slater

Synopsis coming soon....... ...

ISBN: 9781471136894

Binding: Paperback


Einstein and the Birth of Big Science

by Peter Coles

ISBN: 9781840461831

Binding: Paperback


Einstein For Dummies

by Carlos I. Calle

<b>Genius demystified, the Dummies way!</b> <p>In 1905, Albert Einstein revolutionized modern physics with his theory of relativity. He went on to become a twentieth-century icon-a man whose name and face are synonymous with "genius." Now, at ...

ISBN: 9780764583483

Binding: Paperback


Einstein on Cosmic Religion and Other Opinions and Aphorisms


His name is synonymous with ""genius,"" but these essays by the renowned physicist and scholar are accessible to any reader. In addition to outlining the core of relativity theory in everyday language, Albert Einstein presents fascinating ...

ISBN: 9780486470108

Binding: Paperback


Einstein's Dice and Schrodinger's Cat

How Two Great Minds Battled Quantum Randomness to Create a Unified Theory of Physics

by Paul Halpern

ISBN: 9780465096831

Binding: Paperback


Einstein's Masterwork

1915 and the General Theory of Relativity

by John Gribbin

<i>Einstein's Masterwork</i> puts Einstein's General Theory of Relativity in the context of his life and work, and shows why his greatest year was indeed 1915. ...

ISBN: 9781785780486

Binding: Paperback


Einstein's Telescope

The Hunt for Dark Matter and Dark Energy in the Universe

by Evalyn Gates

<b>Cutting-edge astrophysics that builds on Einstein's theories to find the unseen matter that fills the Universe.</b><br /> <br /> <p>Dark energy. Dark matter. These strange and invisible substances don't just sound mysterious: their ...

ISBN: 9780393338010

Binding: Paperback


Einstein's Theory of Relativity


ISBN: 9780486607696

Binding: Paperback


Elegant Universe, the

by Greene Brian

<b>'Compulsively readable...Green threatens to do for string theory what Stephen Hawking did for holes' <i>New York Times</i></b><b><i></i></b>In this international bestseller, Columbia University professor Brian Greene provides, in layman?s ...

ISBN: 9780099289920

Binding: Paperback



How the Periodic Table Can Now Explain (Nearly) Everything

by Tim James

ISBN: 9781472140944

Binding: Paperback


Elements of a Philosophy of Technology

On the Evolutionary History of Culture

by Ernst Kapp

<p><p><b>The first philosophy of technology, constructing humans as technological and technology as an underpinning of all culture.</b></p> <p>Ernst Kapp was a foundational scholar in the fields of media theory and philosophy of technology. His ...

ISBN: 9781517902261

Binding: Paperback