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De Re Metallica


Originally published in 1556, Agricola's De ReM etallica was the first book on mining to be based on field research and observation - what today would be called the ""scientific approach."" It was therefore the first book to offer detailed ...

ISBN: 9780486600062

Binding: Paperback


Death on Earth: Adventures in Evolution and Mortality

by Jules Howard

As you read these words Planet Earth teems with trillions of life-forms, each going about their own business; eating, reproducing, thriving . Yet the life of almost every single entity draws nearer and nearer to certain death. Why? Why is death ...

ISBN: 9781472915085

Binding: Paperback


Decoding Reality

The Universe as Quantum Information

by Vlatko Vedral

ISBN: 9780198815433

Binding: Paperback


Delusions of Gender

The Real Science Behind Sex Differences

by Cordelia Fine

A passionately argued and much-needed corrective to the belief that men's and women's brains are intrinsically different. ...

ISBN: 9781848312203

Binding: Paperback


Descent of Man


Published on the anniversary of Darwin's 200th birthday, these prime excerpts from the great naturalist's landmark work build on the evolutionary concepts introduced in On the Origin of Species. The earlier work provided a basic exposition of ...

ISBN: 9780486471648

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Detonation, as the authors point out, differs from other forms of combustion ""in that all the important energy transfer is by mass flow in strong compression waves, with negligible contributions from other processes like heat conduction."" ...

ISBN: 9780486414560

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Development of Modern Chemistry


ISBN: 9780486642352

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The Science of Seeing Differently

by Beau Lotto

ISBN: 9781474600347

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The Science of Seeing Differently

by Beau Lotto

ISBN: 9781474601023

Binding: Paperback


Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences


This is the standard translation of one of the greatest single works by one of Western sciences' greatest single men, the Renaissance physicist Galileo Galilei. Written near the end of his life, the book had to be published abroad and led to ...

ISBN: 9780486600994

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Dictionary of Geology and Mineralogy

by McGraw-Hill

ISBN: 9780071410441

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Dimensional Analysis


Derived from a course in fluid mechanics, this text for advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students employs symmetry arguments to demonstrate the principles of dimensional analysis. The examples provided illustrate the effectiveness ...

ISBN: 9780486446059

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Dinosaur Hunter's Handbook

by Carlton Books

<DIV>This is the ultimate companion for every time-travelling dinosaur hunter. It contains all the key facts and spotter stats needed to locate more than 50 of the most awe-inspiring dinos to have walked the Earth - from Amargasaurus to ...

ISBN: 9781783121137

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A Very Short Introduction

by David Norman

ISBN: 9780198795926

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Direction of Time


Ever a source of philosophical conjecture and debate, the concept of time represents the beating heart of physics. This final work by the distinguished physicist Hans Reichenbach represents the culmination and integration of a lifetime's ...

ISBN: 9780486409269

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Dispatches From Continent Seven: An Anthology Of Antarctic Science

by Priestley Rebecca

Since British explorer James Cook first circumnavigated Antarctica in the late 18th century, the white continent has exerted a powerful attraction. There is no permanent human habitation, and no mercy from the raw, relentless elements, yet for ...

ISBN: 9781927249055

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DIY Hydroponic Gardens

How to Design and Build an Inexpensive System for Growing Plants in Water

by Tyler Baras

Farmer Tyler show home DIYers how to build over a dozen hydroponics growing systems, some of which cost only a few dollars to make. ...

ISBN: 9780760357590

Binding: Paperback


DNA Is You!: The Marvelous Science Behind Your One-of-a-Kind-ness

by Beatrice the Biologist

Learn all about how your DNA makes you who you are-an awesome, unique individual-in this fun and simple illustrated guide! Did you know your sense of purpose is determined by your genes? And that DNA determines your reaction to poison ivy, and ...

ISBN: 9781721400171

Binding: Hardback


Do Polar Bears Get Lonely?

And 101 Other Intriguing Science Questions

by Scientist New

ISBN: 9781473651234

Binding: Paperback


Do We Need Pandas?

The Uncomfortable Truth About Biodiversity

by Ken Thompson

A fascinating popular science book that reveals how much we really know - and don't know - about the natural world. Explains why we need to be more concerned about ecosystems than individual iconic species such as the giant panda and gorilla. ...

ISBN: 9781900322867

Binding: Paperback