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City Of God

by Saint Augustine

ISBN: 9780140448948

Binding: Paperback


Closer to God Each Day

365 Devotions for Everyday Living

by Joyce Meyer

ISBN: 9781455517367

Binding: Hardback


Cloud Of Unknowing And Other Works, The

by Spearing, A C

In the fourteenth century there was a great flourishing of religious writing in English, both orthodox and heretical. Many of these works focused on Christ's Humanity and Passion, whereas <i>The Cloud of Unknowing</i> draws on radically ...

ISBN: 9780140447620

Binding: Paperback


Complete Dead Sea Scrolls In English, The

by Geza Vermes

<b><i>'He will heal the wounded and revive the dead and bring good news to the poor'</i></b> The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in the Judaean desert between 1947 and 1956 was one of the greatest archaeological finds of all time. These ...

ISBN: 9780141197319

Binding: Paperback



by Peter Tyler

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ISBN: 9781472934321

Binding: Paperback


Confucianism in China

by Tony Swain

This accessible history of Confucianism, or the Way of the Ru ', emphasizes the religious dimensions of the tradition. It clearly explains the tradition's unique and subtle philosophical ideals as well as the arts of the Ru ' whereby ...

ISBN: 9781474242431

Binding: Paperback


Conversations with God Book 4: Awaken the Species

by Neale Donald Walsch

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ISBN: 9781786781321

Binding: Paperback


Courage Of Hopelessness: Chronicles Of A Year Of Acting Dangerously The

by Slavoj Zizek

In these troubled times, even the most pessimistic diagnosis of our future ends with an uplifting hint that things might not be as bad as all that, that there is light at the end of the tunnel. <br><br>Yet, argues Slavoj Aixek, it is only when ...

ISBN: 9780141986098

Binding: Paperback


Crafting Secular Ritual: A Practical Guide

by Jeltje Gordon-Lennox

ISBN: 9781785920882

Binding: Paperback


Crucible of Faith

The Ancient Revolution That Made Our Modern Religious World

by Philip Jenkins

ISBN: 9780465096404

Binding: Hardback


Darkness and the Dawn The

by Charles R Swindoll

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ISBN: 9780849911897

Binding: Paperback


Dawkins' God - From the Selfish Gene to the God Delusion 2E

by Alister E. McGrath

A fully updated new edition of a critically acclaimed examination of the theories and writings of Richard Dawkins by a world-renowned expert on the relation of science and religion<br /> <br /> <ul> <li>Includes in-depth analysis of Dawkins? ...

ISBN: 9781118964781

Binding: Paperback


Dear Zealots: Letters from a Divided Land

by Amos Oz

<b>'Concise, evocative... <i>Dear Zealots</i> is not just a brilliant</b><b> book of thoughts and ideas </b><b>- </b><b>it is a depiction of the struggle of one man who, for decades, has insisted on keeping a sharp, strident and lucid ...

ISBN: 9781784742386

Binding: Hardback


Death, Ritual and Belief

by Douglas Davies

<i>Death, Ritual and Belief</i>, now in its third edition, explores many important issues related to death and dying, from a religious studies perspective, including anthropology and sociology. Using the motif of 'words against death' it depicts

ISBN: 9781474250955

Binding: Paperback


Death: Vintage Minis

by Julian Barnes

When it comes to death, is there ever a best case scenario? In this disarmingly witty book, Julian Barnes confronts our unending obsession with the end. He reflects on what it means to miss God, whether death can be good for our careers and why ...

ISBN: 9781784872601

Binding: Paperback


Deranged Marriage

by Sushi Das

"<B>An affectionate, often hilarious, memoir of growing up in London in the 1970s in an Indian household, and avoiding an arranged marriage. </B> From the age of fourteen, I was aware my parents expected me to have an arranged marriage, a big ...

ISBN: 9781742751566

Binding: Paperback


Designed for More

Unleashing Christ's Vision for Unity in a Deeply Divided World

by Lucas Ramirez

ISBN: 9781546032984

Binding: Hardback



by John Eldredge

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ISBN: 9780785288428

Binding: Paperback


Devil: A New Biography

by Philip Almond

ISBN: 9781784536398

Binding: Paperback


Didymus the Blind and His Circle in Late-Antique Alexandria

by Richard A Layton

ISBN: 9780252028816

Binding: Hardback