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Concise Colour Medical Dictionary

by Elizabeth Martin

ISBN: 9780199687992

Binding: Paperback


Concise Medical Dictionary

by Elizabeth Martin

ISBN: 9780199687817

Binding: Paperback


Crafting Peace: Power-Sharing Institutions and the Negotiated Settlement of Civil Wars

by Caroline Hartzell

ISBN: 9780271032085

Binding: Paperback


Creating the Culture of Peace: A Clarion Call for Individual and Collective Transformation

by Anwarul K Chowdhury

ISBN: 9781788313278

Binding: Paperback


Crisis of Cultural Intelligence, The: The Anthropology of Civil-military Operations

by David Hyndman

ISBN: 9789813273634

Binding: Hardback



Uber, Airbnb, Kickstarter, & the Distributed Economy

by Lightning Guides

From investor incentives, to detailed explorations of today's best funded campaigns, to a complete guide for launching your next project, Crowdsourcing: Uber, Airbnb, Kickstarter & The Distributed Economy provides a current, comprehensive ...

ISBN: 9781942411451

Binding: Paperback


Cut in Half

The Hidden World Inside Everyday Objects

by Mike Warren

<DIV><P>What exactly is inside a laptop, a golf ball, a vacuum cleaner, or a novelty singing fish toy? The insides of these and dozens of other objects are revealed in this photographic exploration of the stuff all around us, exposed and ...

ISBN: 9781452168623

Binding: Hardback


Demand the Impossible!

A Radical Manifesto

by Bill Ayers

<div><I>Demand the Impossible</I> is a manifesto for movement-makers and an invitation to join hands and make history together.</div> ...

ISBN: 9781608466702

Binding: Paperback


Desert Channels

The Impulse to Conserve

by Libby Robin

The book is the centrepiece of a project that combines book, art exhibitions and web-based educational materials exploring the distinctive Desert Channels country in south-western Queensland. The region is the main source of all the desert ...

ISBN: 9780643103535

Binding: Paperback


Designs From Linear Codes

by Cunsheng Ding

ISBN: 9789813274327

Binding: Hardback


Deuteronomy and the Deuteronomic School

by Moshe Weinfeld

ISBN: 9781575063188

Binding: Paperback


Developing Australia's Regions

Theory & Practice

by Andrew Beer

Delves behind the too-often negative media headlines and stereotypes about regional Australia, and considers the true state of Australia’s regions, including metropolitan regions, and what can be done to improve their economic, social and ...

ISBN: 9780868405483

Binding: Paperback


Dictionary of Word Origins

by Linda Flavell

ISBN: 9780857834027

Binding: Paperback


Doctor Who: Dalek: The Astounding Untold History of the Greatest Enemies of the Universe

by George Mann

Dalek is the never-before-told history of the Doctor's most dangerous enemies, the famous 'Outer Space Robot People' of the planet Skaro - from their genesis in the thousand-year conflict between Thals and Kaleds, to their survival of the Time ...

ISBN: 9781785942525

Binding: Hardback


Dr Rip's Essential Beach Book

everything you need to know about surf, sand and rips

by Rob Brander

Many of us live near the beach, and many more visit the beach on holidays. But just how much do we understand about the beach and its potential hazards? The types of waves and the way they break, tides and their currents, dangerous rips and how ...

ISBN: 9781742230979

Binding: Paperback


Dr Z's Nfl Guidebook

by William T Ziemba

ISBN: 9789813276710

Binding: Paperback



Elements Of Style Illustrated, The

by E.B. White

The only style manual ever to appear on bestseller lists has explained to millions of readers the basic principles of plain English. The book's mantra - make every word tell - is still on point. Whether seventeen or seventy, this ...

ISBN: 9780143112723

Binding: Paperback


Encyclopaedia of Malaysia Vol 4: Ea

by Dato' Rahman

ISBN: 9789813018426

Binding: Hardback


Encyclopaedia of Malaysia Vol 5: Ar

by Chen Von Fee

ISBN: 9789813018433

Binding: Hardback