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Good Neighbourhood Treaties of Poland

Political, Security and Social Relations

by Karina Paulina Marczuk

<p>This volume explores the bilateral treaties concluded after 1990 between the Republic of Poland and its neighbouring states (Germany, then-Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Belarus and Lithuania), known as treaties on ...

ISBN: 9783030126155

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Goodbye to All That?

The Story of Europe Since 1945

by Dan Stone

<p>In the decade after 1945, as the Cold War freeze set in, a new Europe slowly began to emerge from the ruins of the Second World War, based on a broad rejection of the fascist past that had so scarred the continent's recent history. In the ...

ISBN: 9780191664106

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Governance by Indicators

Global Power through Quantification and Rankings

by Kevin Davis, Angelina Fisher, Benedict Kingsbury & others

<p>The use of indicators as a technique of global governance is increasing rapidly. Major examples include the World Bank's Doing Business Indicators, the World Bank's Good Governance and Rule of Law indicators, the Millennium Development Goals,

ISBN: 9780191632785

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Governance for Peace

How Inclusive, Participatory and Accountable Institutions Promote Peace and Prosperity

by David Cortright, Conor Seyle & Kristen Wall

<p>Governance for Peace presents a comprehensive analysis of the dimensions of governance that are most likely to prevent armed conflict and foster sustainable peace. It is an accessible study written for the general reader that brings together ...

ISBN: 9781108244299

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Governance in Turbulent Times

by Christopher K. Ansell, Jarle Trondal & Morten Øgård

<p>What are the conditions for political development and decay, and the likelihood of sustained political order? What are the limits of established rule as we know it? How much stress can systems tackle before they reach some kind of limit? How ...

ISBN: 9780192508881

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Governing Arctic Change

Global Perspectives

by Kathrin Keil & Sebastian Knecht

<p>This volume explores the governance of the transforming Arctic from an international perspective. Leading and emerging scholars in Arctic research investigate the international causes and consequences of contemporary Arctic developments, and ...

ISBN: 9781137508843

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Governing Climate Change

Polycentricity in Action?

by Andrew Jordan, Dave Huitema, Harro van Asselt & others

<p>Climate change governance is in a state of enormous flux. New and more dynamic forms of governing are appearing around the international climate regime centred on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). They appear

ISBN: 9781108304740

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Governing Climate Induced Migration and Displacement

IGO Expansion and Global Policy Implications

by Dr Andrea C. Simonelli

<SPAN style="FONT-STYLE: italic">Governing Climate Induced Migration and Displacement</SPAN> is the first in-depth evaluation of climate displacement in the field of political science, specifically global governance. Andrea Simonelli delves into

ISBN: 9781137538673

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Governing Disasters

Engaging Local Populations in Humanitarian Relief

by Shahla F. Ali

<p>With growing awareness of the devastation caused by major natural disasters, alongside integration of governance and technology networks, the parameters of humanitarian aid are becoming more global. At the same time, humanitarian instruments ...

ISBN: 9781316598092

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Governing Failure

Provisional Expertise and the Transformation of Global Development Finance

by Jacqueline Best

<p>Jacqueline Best argues that the 1990s changes in IMF, World Bank and donor policies, towards what some have called the 'Post-Washington Consensus,' were driven by an erosion of expert authority and an increasing preoccupation with policy ...

ISBN: 9781107720770

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Governing Global Health

Who Runs the World and Why?

by Chelsea Clinton

ISBN: 9780190865986

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Governing the World's Biggest Market

The Politics of Derivatives Regulation After the 2008 Crisis

by Eric Helleiner, Stefano Pagliari & Irene Spagna

<p>In the wake of the 2008 global financial crisis, the regulation of the world's enormous derivatives markets assumed center stage on the international public policy agenda. Critics argued that loose regulation had contributed to the momentous ...

ISBN: 9780190864590

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Grand Strategies of Weak States and Great Powers

by Hanna Samir Kassab

<p>Grand strategies can be thought of as overall survival strategies of all states. Great powers seek survival against other great powers seeking to undermine their power and position, determining prestige-seeking behavior as psychotic and ...

ISBN: 9783319704043

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Grand Strategy and Military Alliances

by Williamson Murray & Peter R. Mansoor

<p>Alliances have shaped grand strategy and warfare since the dawn of civilization. Indeed, it is doubtful that the United States of America would have gained its independence without its Revolutionary War alliance with France. Such alliances ...

ISBN: 9781316482179

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Grand Strategy in Theory and Practice

The Need for an Effective American Foreign Policy

by William C. Martel

<p>This book explores fundamental questions about grand strategy, as it has evolved across generations and countries. It provides an overview of the ancient era of grand strategy and a detailed discussion of its philosophical, military, and ...

ISBN: 9781316147078

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Grass-Roots Democracy in India and China

The Right To Participate

by Manoranjan Mohanty, George Mathew, Richard Baum & others

<p>Both India and China have experienced economic changes and growing social consciousness which have generated new challenges for local institutions. This volume closely studies the resultant grass-roots political experiences in these countries

ISBN: 9789352800520

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Grassroots Global Governance

Local Watershed Management Experiments and the Evolution of Sustainable Development

by Craig M. Kauffman

<p>When international agreements fail to solve global problems like climate change, transnational networks attempt to address them by implementing &quot;global ideas&quot; -- policies and best practices negotiated at the global level-locally ...

ISBN: 9780190650933

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Great Power Conduct and Credibility in World Politics

by Sergey Smolnikov

<p>This book seeks to answer one main question: what is the core concern of great powers that streamlines their behavior in the contemporary system of international relations? Building on the examples of the United States, China, Russia, France,

ISBN: 9783319718859

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Great Powers, Weak States, and Insurgency

Explaining Internal Threat Alliances

by Patrick W. Quirk

<p>This book offers an original and theoretically rich examination into the dynamics of alliances that great powers and weak states form to defeat threats, such as rebellion or insurgency, within the smaller state’s borders. The author examines ...

ISBN: 9783319474199

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Great Spies of the 20th Century

by Patrick Pesnot

<p>Heroes to some, traitors to others, spies and intelligence officers continue to fascinate and enthrall us with their abilities to operate secretly in the shadows. With these mini-biographies of twenty agents of various nationalities ...

ISBN: 9781473862210

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