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Deadly Impasse

Indo-Pakistani Relations at the Dawn of a New Century

by Sumit Ganguly

<p>What ails the Indo-Pakistani relationship? Rivalry between the two states has persisted since the partition of the British Indian Empire in 1947, and despite negotiations, four wars and multiple crises, India and Pakistan remain locked in a ...

ISBN: 9781316691915

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Deadly Waters

the hidden world of Somalia's pirates

by Jay Bahadur

<p>For centuries, stories of pirates have captured the imagination of people everywhere. But the recent gangs of daring, ragtag pirates off the coast of Somalia, hijacking huge ships owned by international conglomerates, have brought the scourge

ISBN: 9781921942020

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Dealing with an Ambiguous World

by Bilahari Kausikan

<p>One of Singapore's top diplomats, Bilahari Kausikan was the Institute of Policy Studies' (IPS) 2015/16 S R Nathan Fellow for the Study of Singapore. This book contains edited versions of the five public IPS-Nathan Lectures he gave between ...

ISBN: 9789813202023

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Deathly Deception

The Real Story of Operation Mincemeat

by Denis Smyth

<p>Operation Mincemeat retells the story of the classic World War Two intelligence plan to pass misleading strategic information to Hitler and his Generals that was immortalized in the 1956 Hollywood film The Man Who Never Was. Drawing on a ...

ISBN: 9780191613647

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Debates on Colonial Genocide in the 21st Century

by Marouf Hasian Jr.

<p>This book analyses the debates on colonial genocide in the 21st century and introduces cases where states are reluctant to acknowledge genocides. The author departs from traditional studies of the work of Raphael Lemkin or U.N. definitions of

ISBN: 9783030212780

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Decarbonization in the European Union

Internal Policies and External Strategies

by Claire Dupont & Professor Sebastian Oberthür

<p >In October 2009, the European Union (EU) agreed to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by between 80 and 95 per cent by 2050 in the EU as a whole, as compared to 1990 levels – an objective that is in line with scientific calls to ensure we

ISBN: 9781137406842

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Decentralization and Intrastate Struggles

Chechnya, Punjab, and Québec

by Kristin M. Bakke

<p>There is no one-size-fits-all decentralized fix to deeply divided and conflict-ridden states. One of the hotly debated policy prescriptions for states facing self-determination demands is some form of decentralized governance - including ...

ISBN: 9781316289815

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Decentralization and Rural Development in Indonesia

by Sutiyo & Keshav Lall Maharjan

<p>This book integrates the fundamental theories of decentralization and rural development, providing a comprehensive explanation of how they can be successfully implemented to improve the livelihoods of rural communities in Indonesia. The ...

ISBN: 9789811032080

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Counterdeception and Counterintelligence

by Robert M. Clark & Dr. William L. Mitchell

<p>Bridging the divide between theory and practice, <em><strong>Deception: Counterdeception and Counterintelligence</strong></em> provides a thorough overview of the principles of deception and its uses in intelligence operations. This masterful

ISBN: 9781506375267

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Decision-Making in American Foreign Policy

Translating Theory into Practice

by Nikolas K. Gvosdev, Jessica D. Blankshain & David A. Cooper

<p>This foreign policy analysis textbook is written especially for students studying to become national security professionals. It translates academic knowledge about the complex influences on American foreign policymaking into an intuitive, ...

ISBN: 9781108692182

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Declaring War

Congress, the President, and What the Constitution Does Not Say

by Brien Hallett

<p>Declaring War directly challenges the 200-year-old belief that Congress can and should declare war. By offering a detailed analysis of the declarations of 1812, 1898 and the War Powers Resolution of 1973, the book demonstrates the extent of ...

ISBN: 9781139564816

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Decolonising International Law

Development, Economic Growth and the Politics of Universality

by Sundhya Pahuja

<p>The universal promise of contemporary international law has long inspired countries of the Global South to use it as an important field of contestation over global inequality. Taking three central examples, Sundhya Pahuja argues that this ...

ISBN: 9781139152754

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Decolonization and the French of Algeria

Bringing the Settler Colony Home

by Sung-Eun Choi

<p>In 1962, almost one million people were evacuated from Algeria. France called these citizens Repatriates to hide their French Algerian origins and to integrate them into society. This book is about Repatriation and how it became central to ...

ISBN: 9781137520753

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Defeating Authoritarian Leaders in Postcommunist Countries

by Valerie J. Bunce & Sharon L. Wolchik

<p>From 1998 to 2005, six elections took place in postcommunist Europe that had the surprising outcome of empowering the opposition and defeating authoritarian incumbents or their designated successors. Valerie J. Bunce and Sharon L. Wolchik ...

ISBN: 9781139088855

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Defect or Defend

Military Responses to Popular Protests in Authoritarian Asia

by Terence Lee

<p>Although social movements and media can help destabilize authoritarian governments, not all social protest is effective or culminates in the toppling of dictatorships. Frequently, the military’s response determines the outcome.</p> <p>In ...

ISBN: 9781421415178

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Defending Australia: Australian Foreign Affairs Issue 4

by Jonathan Pearlman

<b>"Whether we like it or not, the challenge of defending Australia will become much harder in the twenty-first century. We are no longer a strategic backwater." MICHAEL WESLEY</b><BR><b></b><BR>The fourth issue of Australian Foreign Affairs ...

ISBN: 9781760640774

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Defending Democratic Norms

International Actors and the Politics of Electoral Misconduct

by Daniela Donno

<p>Although nearly every country in the world today holds multiparty elections, these contests are often blatantly unfair. For governments, electoral misconduct is a tempting but also a risky practice, because it represents a violation of ...

ISBN: 9780199361137

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Defensive Environmentalists and the Dynamics of Global Reform

by Thomas Rudel

<p>As global environmental changes become increasingly evident and efforts to respond to these changes fall short of expectations, questions about the circumstances that generate environmental reforms become more pressing. Defensive ...

ISBN: 9781139611053

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Deference in International Courts and Tribunals

Standard of Review and Margin of Appreciation

by Lukasz Gruszczynski & Wouter Werner

<p>International courts and tribunals are often asked to review decisions originally made by domestic decision-makers. This can often be a source of tension, as the international courts and tribunals need to judge how far to defer to the ...

ISBN: 9780191026508

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Defining Islamic Statehood

Measuring and Indexing Contemporary Muslim States

by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf

<p>This groundbreaking book offers in-depth analysis of the modern Islamic state, applying a quantitative measurement of how Muslim majority nations meet the definition. Content for the book was developed through extensive debate among a panel ...

ISBN: 9781137446824

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