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Anatomy of Terror

From the Death of Bin Laden to the Rise of the Islamic State

by Ali Soufan

ISBN: 9780393355888

Binding: Paperback


And Then All Hell Broke Loose: Two Decades in the Middle East

by Richard Engel

Synopsis coming soon....... ...

ISBN: 9781451635126

Binding: Paperback



Why Gulf Wealth Matters to Britain

by David Wearing

ISBN: 9781509532049

Binding: Paperback


Antinomies of Antonio Gramsci

by Perry Anderson

ISBN: 9781786633729

Binding: Hardback


Ask A North Korean

Defectors Talk About Their Lives Inside the World's Most Secretive Nation

by Daniel Tudor

ISBN: 9780804849333

Binding: Hardback


Attack of the Fifty Foot Women

by Catherine Mayer

ISBN: 9780008219802

Binding: Paperback


Australia Under Surveillance

by Frank Moorhouse

<b>ASIO has kept a file on Frank Moorhouse since he was seventeen. Now Frank has decided it is time to report on ASIO.<br><br></b>This year ASIO has extended its surveillance powers, made the issuing of warrants easier and limited the freedom of

ISBN: 9780857985972

Binding: Paperback


Australian Disease: On The Decline Of Love And The Rise Of Non-Freedom:Short Black 1, The

by Richard Flanagan

Non-freedom to the Western mind is inevitably linked with images of backwardness - Soviet tractors, East German Trabants, Kim Jong Il's haircut. But non-freedom these days is also iPads, iPhones and a dazzling array of less iconic but ubiquitous

ISBN: 9781863957618

Binding: Paperback


Australian Dream: Blood, History and Becoming: Quarterly Essay 64, The

by Stan Grant

In Quarterly Essay 64, Stan Grant takes a deep and passionate look at Indigenous futures, in particular the fraught question of remote communities. Moving beyond simplistic talk of "lifestyle choices," Grant explores what makes for a ...

ISBN: 9781863958899

Binding: Paperback


Australian Foreign Policy

Controversies and Debates

by Daniel Baldino

The emphasis of Australian Foreign Policy: Controversies and Debates is to expose and examine the core debates and multiple dilemmas that define foreign policy in Australia. Each chapter is made up on an introduction and a debate which ...

ISBN: 9780195525632

Binding: Paperback


Australian Foreign Policy in the Age of Terror

by Carl Ungerer

This textbook examines changes to Australian foreign policy since 9/11 and the rise of global Islamic terrorism. It covers each of the main areas of Australian foreign policy – security, trade, development assistance, multilateral institutions ...

ISBN: 9780868408156

Binding: Paperback


Australian Leader Eats Raw Onion Whole: Headline From The Government That Broke Satire

by Williams, Evan (Compiler)

The story of Team Australia in headlines. Inspired by the <i>Onion</i>, Evan Williams searched high and low for the real news headlines that capture the hilarious hypocrisy and absurdity of the Abbott years. What he found poses the question-

ISBN: 9781863957915

Binding: Paperback


Australian Moment, The

by George Megalogenis

ISBN: 9780143783503

Binding: Paperback


Australian Moment, The

by George Megalogenis

ISBN: 9780670078448

Binding: Paperback


Australian Politics For Dummies

by Nick Economou

ISBN: 9781742169828

Binding: Paperback


Bad News: Murdoch's Australian And The Shaping Of The Nation: QuarterlyEssay 43

by Robert Manne

This year has seen unprecedented scrutiny of Rupert Murdoch's empire in Britain. But what about in Australia, where he owns 70 per cent of the press? In <i>Bad News</i>, Robert Manne investigates Murdoch's lead political voice here, ...

ISBN: 9781863955447

Binding: Paperback


Becoming Justice Blackmun

Harry Blackman's Supreme Court Journey

by Linda Greenhouse

ISBN: 9780805080575

Binding: Paperback


Beyond Gridlock

by Thomas Hale

<p>It is now conventional wisdom to see the great policy challenges of the 21st century as inherently transnational. It is equally common to note the failures of the international institutions the world relies on to address such challenges. As ...

ISBN: 9781509515721

Binding: Paperback


Biographical Dictionary Of The Australian Senate Volume 1

by Millar Ann

"<i>The Biographical Dictionary of the Australian Senate</i> covers the period 1901&ndash;1929, the period in which the Parliament operated from Melbourne. This first volume provides short articles on Australia s Senators during the first thirty

ISBN: 9780522849219

Binding: Hardback



by Bronwyn Parry

From DNA sequences stored on computer databases to archived forensic samples and biomedical records, bioinformation comes in many forms. Its unique provenance &ndash; the fact that it is &lsquo;mined&rsquo; from the very fabric of the human body

ISBN: 9781509505463

Binding: Paperback