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Protest in Putin's Russia

by Mischa Gabowitsch

<p>The Russian protests, sparked by the 2011 Duma election, have been widely portrayed as a colourful but inconsequential middle-class rebellion, confined to Moscow and organized by an unpopular opposition. In this sweeping new account of the ...

ISBN: 9780745696263

Binding: Paperback


Protest Politics Today

by Devashree Gupta

<p>Social movements play a vital and increasingly visible role in modern politics. Headline-grabbing demonstrations against authoritarian governments, police brutality, economic inequality, and other grievances suggest that, around the world, ...

ISBN: 9780745671154

Binding: Paperback


Public Choice

An Introduction

by Iain McLean

The 1968 Nobel Prize for Economics was awarded to one of the founders of public choice theory, James Buchanan, yet many people have only the vaguest idea what public choice is. The book offers and unusually clear and accessible introduction to ...

ISBN: 9780631138396

Binding: Paperback


Public Diplomacy

Foundations for Global Engagement in the Digital Age

by Nicholas J. Cull

<p>New technologies have opened up fresh possibilities for public diplomacy, but this has not erased the importance of history. On the contrary, the lessons of the past seem more relevant than ever, in an age in which communications play an ...

ISBN: 9780745691206

Binding: Paperback


Public Policy

Investing for a Better World

by Michael Mintrom

Public Policy: Investing for a Better World presents a contemporary introduction to public policy, covering all the major theories, approaches, and substantive policy areas. Grounded in the tradition of theoretically driven, evidence-based ...

ISBN: 9780199975976

Binding: Paperback


Putin: His Downfall and Russia's Coming Crash

by Richard Lourie

For reasons that are made clear in this book, Putin’s Russia will collapse just as Imperial Russia did in 1917 and as Soviet Russia did in 1991. The only questions are when, how violently, and with how much peril for the world. The U.S. election

ISBN: 9780312538088

Binding: Hardback



Everything you ever wanted to know, but were afraid to ask

by Mark Bahnisch

<p><span style="line-height: 1.45em;">Everyone has heard the clichés about Queensland politics: Queensland is ‘different’. It’s the ‘Deep North’. Its state elections exemplify Pineapple Party Time. But what if those clichés are in fact looking ...

ISBN: 9781742234342

Binding: Paperback


Question Of Zion

by Rose Jacqueline

"<p>Zionism is driven by the search for a homeland for the stateless and persecuted Jewish people. Yet it has infamously clashed with the rights of the Arabs in Palestine and become so controversial that deep understanding and reasoned public ...

ISBN: 9780522852196

Binding: Paperback


Radical Happiness: Searching for Moments of Collective Joy

by Lynne Segal

ISBN: 9781786637444

Binding: Paperback


Radical Origins

Why We Are Losing the Battle Against Islamic Extremism And How to Turn the Tide

by Azeem Ibrahim

<p><b>A piercing and hard-hitting treatise that explores the menacing rise of a radical ideology that is fueling ISIS and terror cells worldwide.</b></p> <p>More than thirteen years ago after the "War on Terror" was declared, many in the West ...

ISBN: 9781643130330

Binding: Paperback


Radical Sydney

Places, Portraits and Unruly Episodes

by Terry Irving

Sydney: a beautiful international city with impressive buildings, harbour-side walkways, public gardens, cafes, restaurants, theatres and hotels. This is the way Sydney is represented to its citizens and to the rest of the world. But there has ...

ISBN: 9781742230931

Binding: Paperback


Radicals, Revolutionaries, and Terrorists

by Colin J. Beck

Terrorism, mass uprisings, and political extremism are in the news every day. It is no coincidence that these phenomena come together at the beginning of a new era. <i>Radicals, Revolutionaries, and Terrorists</i> provides a comprehensive survey

ISBN: 9780745662121

Binding: Paperback



How the Democrats Won the Presidency But Lost America

by David Daley

ISBN: 9781631491627

Binding: Hardback



How the Democrats Won the Presidency But Lost America

by David Daley

ISBN: 9781631493218

Binding: Paperback


Reaction Time: Climate Change And The Nuclear Option: Quarterly Essay 27

by Ian Lowe

Australia is at a crossroads- do we need to embrace a nuclear future? In <i>Reaction Time</i>, Ian Lowe examines the science and the politics of nuclear power, as well as the feasible alternatives in an era of global warming. Lowe discusses his ...

ISBN: 9781863954129

Binding: Paperback


Reboot: A Democracy Makeover to Empower Australia's Voters

by Richard Walsh

If you want real change, change the system.<i>Reboot</i> offers a tantalising glimpse of a better future, where politicians work directly and closely with those who voted for them.Utopian? Disillusional? Richard Walsh makes a tour de force ...

ISBN: 9780522872156

Binding: Paperback



by Cillian McBride

A tension between the desire to be respected as an equal and the desire to distinguish oneself as a unique person lies at the heart of the modern social order. Everyone cares about recognition: no one wants to be treated with disrespect, ...

ISBN: 9780745648484

Binding: Paperback


Red October: The Revolution that Changed the World


The October Revolution happened in November 1917. Later Soviet propaganda proved' it was the will of the people', but few know that the brutal rebellion, which killed millions and raised Lenin's numerically tiny Bolshevik Party to power, was ...

ISBN: 9780750982443

Binding: Hardback


Red Star Over Hollywood

The Film Colony s Long Romance with the Left

by Ronald Radosh

ISBN: 9781893554962

Binding: Hardback


Reith Papers, The

by Peter Reith

"Peter Reith was a senior federal Cabinet minister from 1996 to 2001. He was the face of the Coalition government's tough waterfront reforms, a major contributor to the Fightback! policy, a potential leader of the Liberal Party, the architect of

ISBN: 9780522862676

Binding: Hardback