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Politics of Global Governance

International Organizations in an Interdependent World

by Brian Frederking

ISBN: 9781626372320

Binding: Paperback


Politics, Society, Self

by Geoff Gallop

Since retiring as Premier of Western Australia in 2006, Geoff Gallop has returned to his pre- political career as an academic. In the role of public intellectual — his post-political thinking — he has focused on matters of the self in society: ...

ISBN: 9781742583426

Binding: Paperback


Politics: Ideas in Profile

by David Runciman

An accessible introduction to politics from David Runciman, Professor of Politics at Cambridge University. The first title in the IDEAS IN PROFILE series - world class introductions to topics that matter. ...

ISBN: 9781781252574

Binding: Paperback


Popular Protest in China

by Teresa Wright

ISBN: 9781509503568

Binding: Paperback


Populism and Patronage

Why Populists Win Elections in India, Asia, and Beyond

by Paul D. Kenny

This book provides a new explanation for why populists are so successful in political systems where vote buying and other such patronage-based practices are common. Decentralisation weakens the network of illicit ties that keep patronage parties

ISBN: 9780198807872

Binding: Hardback


Populism Now!

The Case For Progressive Populism

by David McKnight

<p>Populism can be a dirty word. Brexit and the election of Donald Trump have certainly given it a bad name. But rather than associating it with demagoguery and exclusion, might we better see it as a backlash against free market globalisation? ...

ISBN: 9781742235639

Binding: Paperback



by Colin Crouch

<i>Post-Democracy</i> is a polemical work that goes beyond current complaints about the failings of our democracy and explores the deeper social and economic forces that account for the current malaise. <br /> <p><br /> </p> <p>Colin Crouch ...

ISBN: 9780745633152

Binding: Paperback



Governing Precarity in the Digital World

by Mark Duffield

ISBN: 9780745698595

Binding: Paperback



How Bullshit Conquered the World

by James Ball

<div>2016 marked the dawn of the post-truth era. The year saw two shock election results, each of which has the potential to reshape the world: the UK's decision to leave the EU, and the elevation of Donald Trump to the office of US President. ...

ISBN: 9781785902147

Binding: Paperback



by Saul Newman

<p>What shape can radical politics take today in a time abandoned by the great revolutionary projects of the past? In light of recent uprisings around the world against the neoliberal capitalist order, Saul Newman argues that anarchism - or as ...

ISBN: 9780745688749

Binding: Paperback


Power in the Changing Global Order

The US, Russia and China

by Martin A. Smith

Power has been compared to the weather: people discuss it all the time, but very few really understand it. This book seeks to demystify this complex concept by providing students with an incisive and engaging introduction to the shifting ...

ISBN: 9780745634722

Binding: Paperback


Preventing Deadly Conflict

by I. William Zartman

<p>Conflict is inherent to all human and inter-state relations, but it is not inevitable. Since the end of the Cold-War, the prevention of conflict escalation into violence through management and resolution has become a fundamental objective of

ISBN: 9780745686929

Binding: Paperback


Price Of Inequality, The

by Joseph Stiglitz

<p>The social impact of inequality is now increasingly understood - higher crime, health problems and mental illness, lower educational achievements and life expectancy. But what are the causes of inequality, why is it growing so rapidly and ...

ISBN: 9780718197384

Binding: Paperback


Prince, The

by Machiavelli Niccolo

" It is far safer to be feared than loved Machiavelli made his name notorious for centuries with The Prince, his clever and cynical work about power relationships.The key themes of this influential, and ever timely, writer are that ...

ISBN: 9780099518495

Binding: Paperback



by Alan Cribb

<p>Professionalism is a complex and highly disputed idea of crucial importance in a range of fields, not least health and social care. It can inspire people by reminding them of workplace ideals and the value of occupational expertise. But it ...

ISBN: 9780745653167

Binding: Hardback



by Alan Cribb

<p>Professionalism is a complex and highly disputed idea of crucial importance in a range of fields, not least health and social care. It can inspire people by reminding them of workplace ideals and the value of occupational expertise. But it ...

ISBN: 9780745653174

Binding: Paperback


Progressive Capitalism

by David Sainsbury

The neoliberalism that has dominated economic thinking since Mrs Thatcher and Ronald Reagan first came to power is now seen to have serious flaws, and ‘Progressive Capitalism’ seeks to replace it with a new, Progressive political economy. ...

ISBN: 9781849545297

Binding: Paperback


Proof of Collusion: How Trump Betrayed America

by Seth Abramson

ISBN: 9781471182396

Binding: Paperback


Prosperity and Violence

The Political Economy of Development

by Robert H. Bates

ISBN: 9780393933833

Binding: Paperback


Protest in Putin's Russia

by Mischa Gabowitsch

<p>The Russian protests, sparked by the 2011 Duma election, have been widely portrayed as a colourful but inconsequential middle-class rebellion, confined to Moscow and organized by an unpopular opposition. In this sweeping new account of the ...

ISBN: 9780745696263

Binding: Paperback