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Laughter In The Dark: Penguin Pocket Classics

by Vladimir Nabokov

Albinus - rich, married, middle-aged and respectable - is an art critic and aspiring filmmaker who lusts after the coquettish young cinema usherette Margot. Gradually he seduces her and convinces himself he is irresistible to her, but Margot has

ISBN: 9780241261248

Binding: Paperback


Lavil: Voices From Post-Earthquake Port-Au-Priince

by Lyon

Half a dozen years after the deadliest earthquake in the history of the Western Hemisphere struck Haiti, the island nation remains in crisis, but the international community no longer seems interested. This immersive and engrossing book, based ...

ISBN: 9781784786823

Binding: Paperback


Left, Right, Left: Political Essays 1977-2005

by Robert Manne

Anyone who has read one of Robert Manne's newspaper columns or one of his powerful <i>Quarterly Essays</i> will find here a treasure-house of thought, argument and evocation. The perfect book for anyone interested in the key political and ...

ISBN: 9781863951425

Binding: Paperback


Lenin 2017

by Slavoj Zizek

ISBN: 9781786631886

Binding: Hardback


Lenin and the Logic of Hegemony

Political Practice and Theory in the Class Struggle

by Alan Shandro

<div>Using Gramsci&#8217;s concept of &#145;hegemony&#8217; Alan Shandro offers an original interpretation of Lenin&#8217;s political practice and theory.</div> ...

ISBN: 9781608464838

Binding: Paperback



A Very Modern Taoiseach

by Philip Ryan

<p> </p><p>The emergence of Leo Varadkar in Irish politics and his election to the post of Taoiseach is a remarkable tale from any perspective. Journalists Philip Ryan and Niall O’Connor tell the inside story of how the son of an Indian ...

ISBN: 9781785903700

Binding: Paperback


Letter To My Children, A

by Christopher Pyne

Why do seemingly intelligent men and woman leave their families to spend more than half the year travelling to Canberra, and night after night out at electorate and campaign events? Surely there are easier ways to earn a living? &lt;br&gt;This ...

ISBN: 9780522867985

Binding: Paperback



by Paul Kelly

<i>Liberalism</i> is an innovative introductory textbook exploring the dominant discourse of contemporary political theory and the core ideas that underpin it. Despite the ubiquity of liberalism there remains considerable disagreement about what

ISBN: 9780745632919

Binding: Paperback



by Eric Mack

ISBN: 9781509519309

Binding: Paperback


Liberty and Security

by Conor Gearty

All aspire to liberty and security in their lives but few people truly enjoy them. This book explains why this is so. In what Conor Gearty calls our 'neo-democratic' world, the proclamation of universal liberty and security is mocked by facts

ISBN: 9780745647197

Binding: Paperback



by Jacob Mundy

ISBN: 9781509518739

Binding: Paperback


Little Mother of Russia

A Biography of Empress Marie Fedorovna

by Coryne Hall

ISBN: 9780841914223

Binding: Paperback


Local Energy Autonomy

Spaces, Scales, Politics

by Fanny Lopez

<p>In recent years, interest for local energy production, supply and consumption has increased in academic and public debates. In particular, contemporary energy transition discourses and strategies often emphasize the search for increased local

ISBN: 9781786301444

Binding: Hardback


Long Haul, The

by John Brumby

"<i>The Long Haul</i> distils a series of practical lessons on leadership and public life from John Brumby's thirty years in politics. It offers insights into the challenges and opportunities Australia currently faces and argues for real ...

ISBN: 9780522868531

Binding: Paperback


Longest Decade, The

by George Megalogenis

Before the 1990s, the decades in Australia used to run to a predictable script of bust, boom, and bust. They'd commence with the economy in the pits, assume the personality of the good times that followed, and conclude with another collapse. ...

ISBN: 9781921215940

Binding: Paperback


Looking For The Light On The Hill: Modern Labor's Challenges

by Troy Bramston

TODAY, THE AUSTRALIAN LABOR PARTY IS IN CRISIS. Reduced to minority government after just one term, and at rock bottom in the opinion polls, the party seems to be at a defining moment in its history. The perception of the federal government is

ISBN: 9781921844379

Binding: Paperback


Looking Into The Abyss

Collection of reflective essays on timely and timeless issues.

by Barry Jones

This collection of insightful articles from Barry Jones follows in the footsteps of the acclaimed Knowledge Courage Leadership (2016) and includes refl ections on the big political and social issues and concerns locally, nationally and ...

ISBN: 9781925642339

Binding: Paperback


Lord Leverhulme's Ghosts

by Jules Marchal

In the early twentieth century, the worldwide rubber boom led British entrepreneur Lord Leverhulme to the Belgian Congo. Warmly welcomed by the murderous regime of King Leopold II, Leverhulme set up a private kingdom reliant on the horrific ...

ISBN: 9781784786311

Binding: Paperback


Losing Streak: How Tasmania was gamed by the gambling industry

by James Boyce

The story begins with the toppling of a premier, and ends with David Walsh, the man behind MONA, taking an eccentric stand against pokie machines and the political status quo. It is a story of broken politics and back-room deals. It shows how ...

ISBN: 9781863959100

Binding: Paperback


Machine Rules

by Stephen Loosley

In his tell-all memoir he writes about defending the indefensible, the best way to start and kill off rumours, the value of truth in campaigning, how to use humour to squash a scandal, the key to fundraising, and why bullshit always comes back ...

ISBN: 9780522867404

Binding: Paperback