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Cheeky Chinchillas

by Kelly Doudna

ISBN: 9781617833984

Binding: Hardback


Rabbit Breeds


Rabbits are an exceptionally popular pet and have also earned significant farming and commercial followings: fibre enthusiasts love angora for its light-weight warmth, and chefs are serving up increasing amounts of their high-protein, low-fat ...

ISBN: 9781612126029

Binding: Paperback


RSPCA Pet Guide: Care For Your Guinea Pig [New Edition]


Published in association with the RSPCA, the UK's leading animal welfare charity, this practical family guide is full of expert advice on how to choose a guinea pig and how best to look after it. If you already own or are planning to buy a ...

ISBN: 9780008118310

Binding: Paperback


The Chinchilla Rabbit - Its Breeding For Profit

by W. Brumwell

<p>Originally published in 1929 this early book on rabbit keeping for profit contains a mass of information that is still practical and useful today. Contents Include: The Origins of the Chinchilla Rabbit Commercial Possibilities Accommodation ...

ISBN: 9781473350946

Binding: Kobo eBook

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The Havana and Havana-Rex Rabbit

by Walter Cornish

<p>This volume contains a concise guide to the Havana and Havana-rex rabbit varieties, with information on selection, breeding, general care, diet, and much more. In compiling this book on the subject of the Havana Rabbit and its counterpart, ...

ISBN: 9781473359291

Binding: Kobo eBook

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