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Trees & Forests of America

by tim Palmer

ISBN: 9780810972940

Binding: Hardback


Trees and Forests: Wild Wonders of Europe

by Peter Cairns

ISBN: 9781419700798

Binding: Hardback


Trees of the Eastern and Central United States and Canada


This is an extensively revised edition of the standard semipopular Trees of the Eastern and Central United States and Canada. It covers all the important native trees found in this area. A concise introduction provides all that you need to know ...

ISBN: 9780486203959

Binding: Paperback


Trees Up Close: The Beauty of Bark, Leaves, Flowers, and Seeds


Trees Up Close offers an intimate, revealing look at the beauty of leaves, flowers, cones, fruits, seeds, buds, bark, and twigs of the most common trees. With more than 200 dazzling photos, you will be amazed by the other wordly beauty of the ...

ISBN: 9781604695823

Binding: Paperback


Tropical Birds Poster


Remarkable renderings of the keel-billed toucan, greater bird of paradise, streamertail hummingbird, blue manakin, purple honeycreeper, and 20 other colourful species. All beautifully and accurately rendered, identified, and printed on heavy ...

ISBN: 9780486390277

Binding: Poster


Tropical Saltwater Fish Poster


The dazzling colours and varied shapes of tropical fish are instant attention-getters. This attractive, laminated poster depicts 36 different, realistically rendered species, including the amazing zebra pipe fish, Moorish idol, porcupine fish, ...

ISBN: 9780486390208

Binding: Poster



by Celia Fisher

<p>Wild tulips originally grew across Asia, often on the slopes of remote mountain ranges; the malleable genes of these progenitors gave rise to tulips’ unrivalled variety of colour and form. In Tulip , Celia Fisher traces the story of this ...

ISBN: 9781780237596

Binding: Hardback


Turning Fierce Dogs Friendly

by Kellie Snider

Learn how to harness the power of worthwhile reinforcement to build safe, friendly behaviours in aggressive dogs. The positive training based, Constructional Aggression Treatment (CAT), as described in Turning Fierce Dogs Friendly, has proven ...

ISBN: 9781621871750

Binding: Paperback



Kata Tjuta and Watarrka National Parks Field Guide

by Anne Kerle

This handy guide is your key to the secrets of the most famous National Parks of Australia’s Red Centre. It will tell you about the area’s pre-history and origins, its geology and landforms, its plants and animals, including how they live. It ...

ISBN: 9780868400556

Binding: Paperback



by Editors Phaidon

ISBN: 9780714874616

Binding: Hardback



Exploring the Astronomical World

by Editors Phaidon

ISBN: 9781838660154

Binding: Hardback


Unlikely Friendships: Dogs

37 Stories of Canine Compassion and Courage

by Jennifer S. Holland

<DIV>Dogs are so much more than man&rsquo;s best friend. Their kindness and courage doesn&rsquo;t stop with humans. They&rsquo;ll befriend ferrets, monkeys, elephants and fish. They&rsquo;ll rescue deer, horses, penguins and&mdash;yes&mdash;even

ISBN: 9780761187288

Binding: Paperback


Urban Arboreal

A Modern Glossary of City Trees

by Michael Jordan

A selection of 70 urban-dwelling trees from across the world that celebrates the beauty and cultural importance of these botanical giants. ...

ISBN: 9781781317419

Binding: Hardback


Vanished and Vanishing Parrots

Profiling Extinct and Endangered Species

by Joseph Forshaw

<p>Parrots are among the most distinctive and beautiful birds in the world. They are also among the most endangered bird groups, threatened by habitat loss through land clearance, the trapping of adults, and the taking of chicks from the nest ...

ISBN: 9780643096325

Binding: Hardback



The Secrets of Nature’s Deadliest Weapon

by Ronald Jenner

<p>When we enter the world of venom, we enter the realm of one of the most diverse, versatile, sophisticated, and deadly biological adaptations ever to have evolved on Earth.</p> <p>Since it first appeared in ancient jellyfish and sea anemones, ...

ISBN: 9781486308378

Binding: Paperback


Visions of Mars

by Olivier Goursac

ISBN: 9780810992108

Binding: Paperback



by Lauren Coss

ISBN: 9781617839429

Binding: Hardback


Voyage of the Beagle


A classic of intellectual adventure - and of travel literature - this natural history narrative is a cornerstone in the development of evolutionary theory. The Beagle departed from England for Patagonia in 1831 on a voyage to map the coast of ...

ISBN: 9780486424897

Binding: Paperback


Voyages of Discovery

A visual celebration of ten of the greatest natural history expeditions

by Tony Rice

A beautiful illustrated volume which visually documents ten of the greatest natural history expeditions of all time. ...

ISBN: 9781742372259

Binding: Paperback



Dogs Smiling for Dog Reasons

by Grace Chon

<p><b><b>To be "waggish" is to be playful and mischievous the very definition of these adorable dogs and the things they (might) think about us</b></b></p> There's no mistaking a happy dog. The wagging tail, eager eyes, and smile that cannot be ...

ISBN: 9781682680988

Binding: Hardback