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Siberian Huskies For Dummies

by Diane Morgan

ISBN: 9780764552793

Binding: Paperback



by Alyce L. Miller

<p><span style="line-height: 1.45em;">Although the skunk generally waddles through life in a peaceful and solitary&nbsp;</span><span style="line-height: 1.45em;">way, the animal is feared by humans due to the pungent odour it ...

ISBN: 9781780234908

Binding: Paperback


Small Wonders

by Stanley;Breeden, Kaisa Breeden

Their specially developed digital photography techniques make it possible to see intriguing details you may never have suspected were there. ...

ISBN: 9781925160147

Binding: Hardback


Smallest Kingdom, The

Plants and Plant Collectors at the Cape of Good Hope

by Mike Fraser

The Smallest Kingdom is an illustrated account of the botanical exploration of South Africa's Cape Floral Kingdom and the plants that this region has given to the gardens of the world over the last four centuries. ...

ISBN: 9781842463895

Binding: Hardback


Snakes Poster


Love 'em or hate 'em, snakes have had a powerful hold on the human imagination for a long time. This sturdy, laminated poster displays 22 of them in sharp, accurate detail. Included are the boa constrictor, Florida cottonmouth, red milk snake, ...

ISBN: 9780486390260

Binding: Poster



The biography

by Giles Whittell

A passionate snow enthusiast, takes the reader on a quest across centuries and continents in search of the meaning of snow. ...

ISBN: 9781780723600

Binding: Hardback


Snow Farmer, The

by Sally Rae

<b><b>One man's dream to breathe life into a sleepy Central Otago valley has brought high-adrenaline adventure to millions in a spectacularly beautiful part of New Zealand.</b></b><BR><BR>Heavily illustrated with historic and scenic images, this

ISBN: 9781775538851

Binding: Paperback


Snow On the Lindis

by Dawson,Madge Sn

"<b>A station matriarch recounts a life lived on the famous Morven Hills Station. </b> <i></i> <i>Snow on the Lindis</i> is Madge Snow s story of living at Morven Hills Station on the Lindis Pass. Morven Hills is one of New Zealand s most ...

ISBN: 9781775537922

Binding: Paperback



by Gail Harland

<div>Quietly elegant flowers dressed in simple white and green, snowdrops look too fragile to cope with wintery weather. They are however very resilient and are treasured by gardeners for their ability to flower early in the horticultural year. ...

ISBN: 9781780234922

Binding: Hardback


Songs of Western Birds


Noted ornithologist's outstanding field recordings of songs and calls. Each set covers 60 birds with several recordings for each. Accompanying 32-page manual describes birds and songs, illustrates each bird, including flycatchers, juncoes, ...

ISBN: 9780486999135

Binding: Paperback


Space is Cool as Fuck

by Kate Howells

With a little help from her friends in the community (including legendary Bill Nye the Science Guy), Kate Howells has put together this kid 's book for adults, where everything you thought you could never understand about the universe is ...

ISBN: 9781921997969

Binding: Hardback


Speaking for Nature


Beginning with Thoreau, nature writers not only have influenced our appreciation of the natural world but also have helped to preserve the American wilderness, from the Maine Woods to Yosemite and the Sierra. Writer and activist Paul Brooks ...

ISBN: 9780486781433

Binding: Paperback


Spiders Poster


Spiders are long-term survivors in evolutionary history. Thirty-one of these fascinating creatures are realistically and dramatically displayed on this sturdy, laminated poster. Included are the long-bodied cellar spider, desert tarantula, black

ISBN: 9780486390253

Binding: Poster


Spontaneous Urban Plants

Weeds in NYC

by David Seiter

ISBN: 9781941729076

Binding: Hardback



by Kristin Petrie

ISBN: 9781624036637

Binding: Hardback


Star Book


Provides a reference to the major stars and constellations, with easy to use star charts, finder charts, high quality images and observational drawings covering the key stars viewable from all over the world. This guide to the night sky features

ISBN: 9781446302392

Binding: Paperback


Star Theatre

The Story of the Planetarium

by William Firebrace

<p>Most of us can recall a childhood visit to a planetarium: the sense of anticipation, the room darkening, the stars coming up, the voice of the astronomer. In the planetarium, the wondrous complexity of the cosmos combines with entertainment ...

ISBN: 9781780238357

Binding: Hardback


Star-Craving Mad

Tales from a travelling astronomer

by Fred Watson

A journey through time and space with Australia's best known astronomer, Fred Watson ...

ISBN: 9781742373768

Binding: Paperback


Star-Nosed Moles

by Marcia Zappa

ISBN: 9781624037788

Binding: Hardback


Steppes: The Plants and Ecology of the World's Semi-Arid Regions


Steppes semi-arid biomes dominated by forbs, grasses, and grass-like species, and characterized by extremes of cold and heat occupy enormous areas on four continents. Yet these ecosystems are among the least studied on our planet. Given that ...

ISBN: 9781604694659

Binding: Hardback