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Perfect Puppy

Take Britain's Number One Puppy Care Book With You!

by Gwen Bailey

ISBN: 9780600617228

Binding: Paperback


Permaculture Promise


ISBN: 9781612124278

Binding: Paperback


Pet Isn't Just for Christmas, A

by Various

"<b>Pets are gorgeous, loveable and a lifetime commitment.</b> Full of adorable pets of all shapes and sizes, <i>A Pet Isn t Just for Christmas</i> is endorsed by the RSPCA and with beautiful, full-colour photographs, a timely reminder that ...

ISBN: 9780857981387

Binding: Hardback


Philip's Astronomy Starter Pack

by Philip's Maps

ISBN: 9781849074865

Binding: Paperback


Philip's Night Sky Atlas

by Robin Scagell

ISBN: 9781849074445

Binding: Paperback


Philip's Stargazing Month-by-Month Guide to the Night Sky Britain & Ireland

by Heather Couper

ISBN: 9781849074803

Binding: Paperback


Pioneers of Spaceflight

by Michael O'Neill

<p>July 1969. It?s a little over eight years since the flights of Gagarin and Shepard, followed quickly by President Kennedy?s challenge to put a man on the moon before the decade is out. It is only seven months since NASA made a bold decision ...

ISBN: 9781912332274

Binding: Hardback


Planet Earth II

by Stephen Moss

10 years on from the first, groundbreaking, Planet Earth, we use the most incredible advances in technology and scientific discovery to bring you the most exciting and immersive picture of our world's wildlife yet. <BR><BR>With over 250 ...

ISBN: 9781849909655

Binding: Hardback


Planet Factory: Exoplanets and the Search for a Second Earth

by Elizabeth Tasker

Twenty years ago, the search for planets outside the Solar System was a job restricted to science-fiction writers. Now it 's one of the fastest-growing fields in astronomy with thousands of exoplanets discovered to date, and the number is ...

ISBN: 9781472917737

Binding: Paperback




This extraordinary collection of engravings provides designers and commercial artists with a magnificent sourcebook of Victorian-era plant images - all royalty-free. Included are 2,400 crisply detailed illustrations of hundreds of plants - from ...

ISBN: 9780486402642

Binding: Paperback


Plants and Flowers


This comprehensive archive offers authentically detailed, copyright-free illustrations of hundreds of plants and flowers from around the world. Ideal for graphic artists, designers, and others in the arts and crafts, it will also serve both ...

ISBN: 9780486269573

Binding: Paperback


Plants of Colonial Days


In addition to household belongings, tools and clothing, the first settlers in the American colonies also brought with them seeds, bulbs, and cuttings of their favourite plants. These, along with native flora and botanical specimens imported ...

ISBN: 9780486294049

Binding: Paperback


Plants of the Victorian High Country

A Field Guide for Walkers

by John Murphy

<p><p>Plants of the Victorian High Country allows walkers with little botanical knowledge to identify plants they are likely to encounter along the popular tracks of Victoria?s High Country.</p> <p>This Second Edition has been revised and ...

ISBN: 9781486309016

Binding: Paperback



by Ann Moyal

The extraordinary story of a biological riddle that confounded scientists for nearly ninety years - the beguiling, elusive platypus. ...

ISBN: 9781741757798

Binding: Paperback


Pocket Guide to Mushrooms

by John C. Harris

<i>Pocket Guide to Mushrooms</i> covers 158 of the most common mushrooms found in the UK and also in northern and central Europe, each mushroom is identified and presented with expert photography in this informative yet highly portable book. It ...

ISBN: 9781472969606

Binding: Paperback


Pocket Guide to the Orchids of Britain and Ireland

by Simon Harrap

The orchid family is one of the largest plant families in the world, reaching its highest diversity in the tropics where their exotic and colourful flowers are often truly breathtaking. Britain and Ireland have just 52 species of wild orchid, ...

ISBN: 9781472969095

Binding: Paperback


Pocket Photo Guide to the Mammals of Sou

by Charles Francis

This compact, easy-to-use identification guide describes 192 species of mammals found in South-east Asia, covering each major genus. The book features thumbnail silhouettes, a regional distribution map, and up-to-date tips on the best wildlife ...

ISBN: 9781472937971

Binding: Paperback


Polar Bears

by Julie Murray

ISBN: 9781617837999

Binding: Hardback



by Andrew Lack

<p>In <i>Poppy</i>&nbsp; Andrew Lack explores all aspects of one of our most familiar but declining flowers, combining history and biology with symbolic associations and connections with the arts. He describes why the poppy is so intimately ...

ISBN: 9781780236537

Binding: Hardback


Power Failure: The Inside Story Of Climate Politics Under Rudd And Gillard

by Chubb Philip

<b>The inside story of a wicked problem ...... </b> What should Australia do about climate change? A succession of leaders has tried to answer this question - and come unstuck. Politicians and public servants call it a 'wicked' problem ...

ISBN: 9781863956604

Binding: Paperback