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Kingdom Fungi


The ubiquitous fungi are little known and vastly underappreciated. Yet, without them we wouldn't have bread, alcohol, cheese, tofu, or the unique flavours of mushrooms, morels, and truffles. We can't survive without fungi. The Kingdom Fungi ...

ISBN: 9780881928914

Binding: Hardback


Koi For Dummies

by R. D. Bartlett

Known throughout the world for its beauty and personality, koi is one of the most carefully bred fish species around. Raising koi is especially time-consuming and requires more than just sprinkling little flakes in the fish bowl. But thankfully,

ISBN: 9780470099131

Binding: Paperback


Komodo Dragon

by Patrick G Cain

Around the world, skilled animals hunt and catch their prey. Learn more about the komodo dragon and the special characteristics that make it such an excellent predator. This title takes you on the hunt with well-researched, clearly written ...

ISBN: 9781617839498

Binding: Hardback


Komodo Dragons

by Julie Murray

ISBN: 9781617835551

Binding: Hardback


Kosciuszko Alpine Flora: Field Edition

by A. B. Costin

<h2><br></h2><p><b>Reprint coming soon.</b></p><p>Around Australia’s highest mountain lies a rare ecosystem, an alpine area of outstanding beauty and diversity, strikingly different from other alpine ecosystems of the world but with common ...

ISBN: 9780643065215

Binding: Paperback


Lake Superior

by John F Prevost

Surveys the origin, geological borders, climate, water, plant and animal life, and economic and ecological aspects of Lake Superior. ...

ISBN: 9781577651048

Binding: Hardback


Lake Victoria

by Cari Meister

Surveys the origin, geological borders, climate, water, plant and animal life, and economic and ecological aspects of the world's second largest lake. ...

ISBN: 9781577651055

Binding: Hardback


Landscape & Memory

by Simon Schama

The forest primeval, the river of life, the sacred mount &#8211; read &#8216;Landscape and Memory' to have these explained&#8230; &#8216;Landscape and Memory' is a history book unlike any other. In a series of journeys through space and time, ...

ISBN: 9780006863489

Binding: Paperback


Language of Flowers


Charming reproduction of rare volume by famed 19th-century illustrator includes abundantly illustrated list of over 200 plants and their figurative equivalents - tulip = fame; blue violet = faithfulness, etc. Selection of flower-related verses, ...

ISBN: 9780486273723

Binding: Paperback


Last Great Plant Hunt, The

The Story of Kew's Millennium Seed Bank

by Sue Seddon

Kew's Millennium Seed Bank is a unique, global asset. The largest seed bank of its kind in the world dedicated to wild plant species, it contains theworld's most diverse seed collections. The Last Great Plant Hunt describes the importance of ...

ISBN: 9781842464328

Binding: Hardback


Last Horse Standing

by Michael Keenan

An amazing true story of courage and survival in the outback by the bestselling author of <i>The Horses Too Are Gone.</i>In 1971 bushman Jack Camp went mustering wild cattle - 'cleanskins' - in a vast and isolated stretch of the Kimberley coast.

ISBN: 9781863255790

Binding: Paperback


Le Chat Noir

20 Correspondence Cards & Envelopes

by Bruno Gibert

20 correspondence cards featuring a leisurely black cat who wanders (and naps) along the streets and homes of France. Taken from a French children&#39;s book titled <I>45 V&eacute;rit&eacute;s Sur Les Chats</I>, this beautiful collection of ...

ISBN: 9781452175560

Binding: Cards


Legends of the Flowers

by Janet Hepworth

Our gardens are full of history and the story of flowers is a part of the story of mankind. Flowers are woven into the fabric of religion, mythology, and folklore of every land and generation. People painted them on their ancient cave walls and ...

ISBN: 9781910065839

Binding: Paperback


Lesser Beasts

A Snout-to-Tail History of the Humble Pig

by Mark Essig

ISBN: 9780465052745

Binding: Hardback



by Philip Hoare

The story of a man's obsession with whales, which takes him on a personal, historical and biographical journey &#8211; from his childhood to his fascination with Moby-Dick and his excursions whale-watching. All his life, Philip Hoare has been ...

ISBN: 9780007230143

Binding: Paperback


Lichens of the North Woods

by Joe Walewski

ISBN: 9780979200601

Binding: Paperback


Life In The Sloth Lane

Slow Down and Smell the Hibiscus

by Lucy Cooke

<DIV><P>Is there a reason sloths are always smiling? Yes! They&rsquo;ve mastered the art of living slow in a world whose pace is making everyone crazy. Along with being the &ldquo;it&rdquo; animal &ndash; &ldquo;sloths are the new kittens&rdquo;

ISBN: 9780761193227

Binding: Hardback


Life of the Bee


In an exuberantly poetic work that is less about bees and more about life, Maurice Maeterlinck expresses his philosophy of the human condition. The renowned Belgian poet and dramatist offers brilliant proof in this, his most popular work, that ...

ISBN: 9780486451435

Binding: Paperback


Life On Earth 40th Anniversary Edition

by Sir David Attenborough

A new, beautifully illustrated edition of David Attenborough's groundbreaking Life on Earth. David Attenborough's meeting with gorillas was one of the most unforgettable moments for millions of television viewers. With Life on Earth, ...

ISBN: 9781460757130

Binding: Hardback


Light in the Dark: A Winter Journal

by Horatio Clare

As November stubs out the glow of autumn and the days tighten into shorter hours, winter's occupation begins. Preparing for winter has its own rhythms, as old as our exchanges with the land. Of all the seasons, it draws us together. But winter ...

ISBN: 9781783964048

Binding: Hardback