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Ian Stargazer

The Life and Times of the Telescope

by Fred Watson

An anecdotal history of the development of the optical telescope and the people involved, culminating in the author's predictions for future developments. ...

ISBN: 9781741753837

Binding: Paperback


Icons of England

by Bill Bryson

This celebration of the English countryside does not only focus on the rolling green landscapes and magnificent monuments that set England apart from the rest of the world. Many of the contributors bring their own special touch, presenting a ...

ISBN: 9781784161965

Binding: Paperback


Identification Guide to Grasses and Bamboos in Madagascar

by Maria Vorontsova

<p>Grasses and bamboos are part of the same botanical group, the grass family, also called Poaceae, a family with an estimated 12,000 species. Grasses occur throughout the world with similar diversity in the tropical and temperate regions, in ...

ISBN: 9781842466483

Binding: Paperback


Identifying Animal Tracks


You can find them almost anywhere: crisscrossing a snowy meadow, etched in the mud of a stream bank or the wet sand of the sea breach, traced in the dust of a country road. Animal tracks are the signatures of the animals themselves and a ...

ISBN: 9780486244426

Binding: Paperback


Idiot's Guides: Dog Training

by Liz Palika

The easiest way to train your dog? Your dog is your faithful friend, and he's happiest when he's by your side. But without some basic training, a dog can turn your life - and your house! - upside down. Chock-full of clear and ...

ISBN: 9781615644186

Binding: Paperback


Illustrated Flora of the Northern United States and Canada, Vol. 3


This monumental classic of botany remains unsurpassed as the most comprehensive and reliable work on the flora of the Northeastern United States and reliable parts of Canada. An encyclopedic collection of information, it illustrates and ...

ISBN: 9780486226446

Binding: Paperback


Illustrated Guide to Trees and Shrubs


""Excellent keys, superbly drawn illustrations. To the student or layman I recommend this book most highly."" - Farida A. Wiley, American Museum of Natural HistoryNature lovers will welcome this authoritative, easily accessible guide to all ...

ISBN: 9780486272580

Binding: Paperback


In Oceans Deep

Courage, Innovation, and Adventure Beneath the Waves

by Bill Streever

ISBN: 9780316551311

Binding: Hardback


In the Company of Trees: Honoring Our Connection to the Sacred Power, Beauty, and Wisdom of Trees

by Andrea Fereshteh

Fascinating facts, trivia, and stories celebrating nature and the magnificent life of trees and their invaluable place in our lives, including beautiful, full-color photographs throughout. When was the last time you spent time outside? The ...

ISBN: 9781507209547

Binding: Hardback


In Their Branches: Stories from ABC RN's Trees Project

by Gretchen Miller

A very special collection of over one hundred stories, memories, and reflections on trees that have had a special meaning in the lives of Australians, from ABC RN. We all have a favourite tree. We scaled their trunks in childhood, planted their

ISBN: 9780733333842

Binding: Hardback




Originally published by the U.S. Bureau of Entomology, this book was written by a specialist in insect anatomy. Rich in fascinating facts, the treatment is completely nontechnical in its approach and illustrated with hundreds of drawings, each ...

ISBN: 9780486218014

Binding: Paperback




The infinite variety of insects has inspired artists and designers from ancient to modern times. This treasury of more than 200 images celebrates the diversity of insects with patterns, ornamental motifs, and natural renderings in styles ranging

ISBN: 9780486997520

Binding: Paperback


Into the Orchid House: In Search of Beauty

by Stanley Breeden

High on the hills of the Atherton Tablelands in far north Queensland stands a glasshouse built by orchid expert Bruce Gray. Whether from the cloud forests of South America, the Himalayan Mountains of India, the mangroves of the Philippines, the ...

ISBN: 9781925164145

Binding: Hardback


Ivory-Billed Woodpecker


Long thought extinct, the elusive Ivory-billed Woodpecker may yet live: in 1999, the birding community was galvanized at the news of a sighting by a hunter in a Louisiana forest. A series of expeditions continue to search for the rare bird, and ...

ISBN: 9780486428376

Binding: Paperback


Jack Russell Terriers For Dummies

by Deborah Britt-Hay

ISBN: 9780764552687

Binding: Paperback


Jackie French's Chook Book

by Jackie French

Deals with chickens. This title features many mouth-watering chicken-and-egg recipes. It includes sections on poultry keeping and management that are illustrated with almost 100 full-colour photographs.&nbsp;Use this book, and you will love ...

ISBN: 9780947214593

Binding: Paperback


Joseph Hooker

Botanical Trailblazer

by Pat Griggs

Extensively and beautifully illustrated from the archives of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Joseph Hooker Botanical Trailblazer takes the reader on an extraordinary voyage with one of the world's greatest botanists, highlighting his ...

ISBN: 9781842464694

Binding: Paperback


Journeys in the Wild

The Secret Life of a Cameraman

by Gavin Thurston

ISBN: 9781841883137

Binding: Paperback


Keep Him My Country

by Mary Durack

"<b><i>Keep Him My Country</i> is a powerful novel of a young man's experience of the harsh beauty of the outback, growing up and the difficult learning experience that accompanies it.</b> When 19-year-old Stan Rolt strikes out for the ...

ISBN: 9781863251662

Binding: Paperback


Keeping a Nature Journal


Experience the splendour of nature with fresh eyes! Featuring an inspiring portfolio from Clare Walker Leslie's nature journals, this guide offers easy-to-learn techniques for capturing the world around you in pictures and words. Encouraging ...

ISBN: 9781580174930

Binding: Paperback