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Becoming a Nurse: Is Nursing Really the Career for You?

by BPP Learning Media

ISBN: 9781445397252

Binding: Paperback


Becoming a Psychologist: Is Psychology really the career for you?

by BPP Learning Media

ISBN: 9781445397290

Binding: Paperback


Behavior Management in Dentistry for Children

by Gerald Z. Wright

<p>Guiding patient behavior is as important as ever for the practicing dentist, and the behavior of pediatric patients is perhaps the most challenging to manage. Drs. Wright and Kupietzky here update Dr. Wright?s classic work on managing ...

ISBN: 9781118547533

Binding: Paperback


Behavioral Dentistry

by David I. Mostofsky

<p><i>Behavioral Dentistry, Second Edition,</i> surveys the vast and absorbing topic of the role of behavioral science in the study and clinical practice of dentistry. An understanding of social sciences has long been a central part of dental ...

ISBN: 9781118272060

Binding: Paperback


Behavioral Medicine A Guide For Clinical Practice 4/E

by Mitchell Feldman

ISBN: 9780071767705

Binding: Paperback


Being Interprofessional

by Marilyn Hammick

Working interprofessionally is an essential part of successful health and social care provision in the twenty-first century. This engaging and easy-to-follow new text highlights the need for collaboration between practitioners from all branches ...

ISBN: 9780745643069

Binding: Paperback


Beneath the Skin

Great Writers on the Body

by Ned Beauman

Fifteen talented writers each explore a different body part in this funny and moving collection. ...

ISBN: 9781788160957

Binding: Hardback


Bifurcation Stenting

by Ron Waksman

Here is expert guidance on one of the most vexing clinical challenges faced by interventional cardiologists. Written by global thought leaders in the area and edited by two internationally-recognized pioneers in interventional cardiology, ...

ISBN: 9781444334623

Binding: Hardback


Biochemistry And Genetics Pretest Self-Assessment And Review 5/E

by Golder Wilson

ISBN: 9780071791441

Binding: Paperback


Bioethics as Practice

by Judith Andre

ISBN: 9780807855836

Binding: Paperback


Biological Anthropology

by Michael Park

ISBN: 9780078034954

Binding: Paperback


Biological Anthropology: Concepts And Connections 3E

by Fuentes

ISBN: 9781260084467

Binding: Paperback


Biomarkers in Cancer Screening and Early Detection

by Sudhir Srivastava

<p>Prepared by world leaders on this topic, <i>Biomarkers in Cancer Screening and Early Detection</i> offers a comprehensive, state-of-the-art perspective on the various research and clinical aspects of cancer biomarkers, from their discovery ...

ISBN: 9781118468807

Binding: Hardback


Biomechanics For Dummies

by Steve McCaw

<b>A thorough explanation of the tenets of biomechanics</b> <p>At once a basic and applied science, biomechanics focuses on the mechanical cause-effect relationships that determine the motions of living organisms. <i>Biomechanics for Dummies</i>

ISBN: 9781118674697

Binding: Paperback


Biophilia Effect

The Healing Bond Between Humans and Nature

by Clemens G Arvay

<p><b>Discover why being in nature may be the best thing you can do for your health.</b><br></p><p>Did you know that spending time in a forest activates the vagus nerve, which is responsible for inducing calm and regeneration? Or that spending ...

ISBN: 9781683640424

Binding: Paperback


Black's Medical Dictionary

by Harvey Marcovitch

Black's Medical Dictionary has been the best-selling medical dictionary for over 100 years. It is invaluable as a home reference and for all who need clear explanation of medical terms- nurses, health care professionals and students, health ...

ISBN: 9781472943071

Binding: Hardback


Black's Medical Dictionary 42nd Edi

by Harvey Marcovitch

ISBN: 9780713689020

Binding: Hardback


Black's Student Veterinary Dictionary

by PhD editor Dr Anthony Andrews BVetMed

A paperback edition for the student market, this standard work of reference has been a bestseller for over 70 years. It is an essential tool for anyone with a professional or leisure interest in the care of animals. Much more than a list of ...

ISBN: 9781472932020

Binding: Paperback


Bladder Cancer

Diagnosis and Clinical Management

by Seth P. Lerner

<p><i>B</i><i>ladder Cancer: Diagnosis and Clinical Management</i> is a 100% clinically-focused guide to bladder cancer, providing practical, modern and evidence-based guidance to the latest in diagnosis and management of the condition. It ...

ISBN: 9781118674840

Binding: Hardback


BMAT and UKCAT Uncovered

A Guide to Medical School Entrance Exams

by T. O. Osinowo

<b>Contains over one thousand practice questions - worked examples, quick tests, 2 full BMAT-style sample test papers, and 2 full UKCAT-style sample test papers.</b> <p>With the use of admissions tests becoming an increasingly more common part ...

ISBN: 9781405169189

Binding: Paperback