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Cardiac Pacing and Defibrillation in Pediatric and Congenital Heart Disease

by Maully Shah

With a growing population of young patients with congenital heart disease reaching adulthood, this unique new book offers an in-depth guide to managing the challenges and issues related to device therapy in this patient group.<br /> <ul> <li>The

ISBN: 9780470671092

Binding: Hardback


Cardiac Surgery in the Adult 5/e

by Cohn

ISBN: 9780071844871

Binding: Hardback


Cardiology An Integrated Approach

by Adel Elmoselhi

ISBN: 9780071791540

Binding: Paperback


Cardiology Clinical Questions 2E

by Higgins

ISBN: 9781259643330

Binding: Paperback


Cardiovascular Clinical Trials

Putting the Evidence into Practice

by Marcus Flather

<p>The pace of therapeutic advances in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases is rapid, and new clinically-relevant information appears with such frequency that it can be extremely challenging for clinicians to keep up.</p> <p>Still, knowledge

ISBN: 9781405162159

Binding: Paperback


Cardiovascular Hemodynamics for the Clinician

by George A. Stouffer

<i>Cardiovascular Hemodynamics for the Clinician</i>, <i>2<sup>nd</sup> Edition,</i> provides a useful, succinct and understandable guide to the practical application of hemodynamics in clinical medicine for all trainees and clinicians in the ...

ISBN: 9781119066477

Binding: Paperback


Cardiovascular Pet: Curr Concept

by Heller

ISBN: 9781259860485

Binding: Hardback


Cardiovascular Physiology

by Mohrman

ISBN: 9781260026115

Binding: Paperback


Care of the Acutely Ill Adult

An Essential Guide for Nurses

by Fiona Creed

Recent NICE guidance and restructuring of the way acute services are provided mean that nurses outside the traditional critical care environment are increasingly being called upon to recognize, assess, and treat the acutely ill patient. This ...

ISBN: 9780199564385

Binding: Paperback


Caroline Myss' Chakra Mediation Music

1 CD, 73 Minutes

by Stevin McNamara

This extraordinary music helps listeners to assess and cultivate their energetic health. Composed and performed by acclaimed world music artists Stevin McNamara, it was created specifically to support two daily chakra diagnosis sessions used by

ISBN: 9781564559340

Binding: CD-Audio

Audio Book

Caroline Myss' Essential Guide for Healers

by Caroline M. Myss

Choosing to be a healer, teaches Caroline Myss, comes with serious spiritual and energetic demands and it is crucial to understand and prepare for them. Here Caroline shares her most valuable insights and recommendations for health care ...

ISBN: 9781591791577

Binding: CD-Audio

Audio Book

Casarett and Doull's Essentials of Toxicology, 3/E

by Klaassen

ISBN: 9780071847087

Binding: Paperback


Case Files Anatomy 3/E

by Eugene Toy

ISBN: 9780071794862

Binding: Paperback


Case Files Anesthesiology

by Lydia Conlay

ISBN: 9780071606394

Binding: Paperback


Case Files Cardiology

by Eugene Toy

ISBN: 9780071799195

Binding: Paperback


Case Files Critical Care

by Toy

ISBN: 9781259641855

Binding: Paperback


Case Files Emergency Med

by Toy

ISBN: 9781259640827

Binding: Hardback


Case Files Geriatrics

by Eugene Toy

ISBN: 9780071770781

Binding: Paperback


Case Files In Physical Therapy Pediatrics

by Pelletier

ISBN: 9780071795685

Binding: Paperback


Case Files Internal Medicine, 5/E

by Toy

ISBN: 9780071843355

Binding: Paperback