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Approximate Methods of Higher Ananlysis


A unique text and reference for pure and applied mathematicians, engineers, physicists, and chemists, this 1958 volume was a landmark in the literature of computational methods in mathematical physics. The treatment remains of great interest ...

ISBN: 9780486821603

Binding: Paperback


April Fool's Day

by Bryce Courtenay

Bryce Courtenay's moving tribute to his son, Damon. Damon Courtenay died on the morning of April Fool's Day. In this tribute to his son, Bryce Courtenay lays bare the suffering behind this young man's life. Damon's story is one of life-long ...

ISBN: 9781741635577

Binding: CD-Extra

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Asymptotic Expansions for Ordinary Differential Equations


"A book of great value ... it should have a profound influence upon future research." - Mathematical Reviews In this outstanding text, author Wolfgang Wasow concentrates on the mathematical ideas underlying various asymptotic methods for ...

ISBN: 9780486824581

Binding: Paperback


Australasian Business Statistics 4E

by Ken Black

<p>Data-driven decisions are driving the global knowledge economy. To get the edge, graduates need the power of statistical analysis to create business insight. This fourth edition of<i> Australasian Business Statistics</i> empowers you to make ...

ISBN: 9780730312932

Binding: Paperback


Basic College Mathematics

by Miller

ISBN: 9780073384412

Binding: Paperback


Basic Math & Pre-algebra for Dummies, 2nd Edition

by Mark Zegarelli

<i><b>Basic Math & Pre-Algebra For Dummies, 2nd Edition (9781119293637) was previously published as Basic Math & Pre-Algebra For Dummies, 2nd Edition (9781118791981). While this version features a new Dummies cover and design, the content is the

ISBN: 9781119293637

Binding: Paperback


Basic Math & Pre-algebra Workbook for Dummies 3E + Online Practice

by Mark Zegarelli

<b>Master the fundamentals first for a smoother ride through math</b> <p><i>Basic Math & Pre-Algebra Workbook For Dummies</i> is your ticket to <i>finally</i> getting a handle on math! Designed to help you strengthen your weak spots and pinpoint

ISBN: 9781119357513

Binding: Paperback



Basic Mathematics: An Introduction: Teach Yourself

by Alan Graham

ISBN: 9781473651975

Binding: Paperback


Basic Maths for Dummies

by Colin Beveridge

Whether you are returning to school, studying for an adult numeracy test, helping your kids with homework, or seeking the confidence that a firm maths foundation provides in everyday encounters, <i>Basic Maths For Dummies,</i> UK Edition, ...

ISBN: 9781119974529

Binding: Paperback


Basic Maths Practice Problems for Dummies

by Colin Beveridge

Ready to put pencil to paper and brush up on your maths skills? With practice problems and fully worked-out solutions, <i>Basic Maths Practice Problems For Dummies,</i> UK Edition, is the perfect revision tool.  Whether you're returning to ...

ISBN: 9781118351628

Binding: Paperback


Beginning Algebra

by Stefan Baratto

ISBN: 9780073384450

Binding: Paperback


Beginning Algebra

by Miller

ISBN: 9781259610257

Binding: Hardback


Beginning And Intermediate Algebra With P.O.W.E.R. Learning

by Messersmith

ISBN: 9780073512914

Binding: Hardback


Beyond Infinity

An expedition to the outer limits of the mathematical universe

by Eugenia Cheng

Inside the weird and wonderful world of infinity, from endless hotels to bottomless cookie-jars - now in paperback. ...

ISBN: 9781781252864

Binding: Paperback


Big Data

How the Information Revolution Is Transforming Our Lives

by Brian Clegg

New for Icon's Hot Science series - a startling insight into the data that runs our lives. ...

ISBN: 9781785782343

Binding: Paperback


Biostatistics a Foundation for Analysis in the Health Sciences 10E

by Wayne W. Daniel

This 10th edition of <b><i>Biostatistics: A Foundation for Analysis in the Health Sciences, 10th Edition</i></b> should appeal to the same audience for which the first nine editions were written: advanced undergraduate students, beginning ...

ISBN: 9781118302798

Binding: Hardback


Building Information Modeling for Dummies

by Stefan Mordue

<b>Everything you need to make the most of building information modeling</b> <p>If you're looking to get involved in the world of BIM, but don't quite know where to start, <i>Building Information Modeling For Dummies</i> is your one-stop guide ...

ISBN: 9781119060055

Binding: Paperback


Business Math Demystified

by Allan Bluman

ISBN: 9780071464703

Binding: Paperback


Business Statistics Demystified

by Steven Kemp

ISBN: 9780071440240

Binding: Paperback