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A Charlie Brown Christmas Snow Globe

by Charles Schulz

ISBN: 9780762446155

Binding: Novelty book


A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Kit

by Press Running

ISBN: 9780762437696

Binding: Novelty book


A Christmas Story: Triple Dog Dare Kit

by Press Running

ISBN: 9780762450831

Binding: Novelty book


A Dad's Guide to Having a Baby

Everything a new dad needs to know about pregnancy and caring for a newborn

by Dominic Bliss

Discovering you&rsquo;re going to be a dad is a strange time &ndash; a combination of excitement, uncertainty and a whole lot of questions... What do I need to buy? When&rsquo;s the first scan? Where will the baby sleep? <B>A Dad&rsquo;s Guide ...

ISBN: 9781911026822

Binding: Hardback


A Genial Senior's Companion To Ageing

by Peter Buckman

A heartfelt and humorous guide to embracing the ageing process. While there are endless books on being young, there are precious few on how to embrace the ageing process. We don't think we're old until suddenly we can't do something that ...

ISBN: 9781788540308

Binding: Hardback


A is for Allegro: An Alphabet of Curious Cars

by Roy McCarthy

A nostalgic A-Z of the most special and well-remembered 60s, 70s and 80s cars, with stylish illustrations accompanied by warm, humorous personal memories. Designer and illustrator Roy McCarthy explores the cars that made a big impression on him

ISBN: 9781911042679

Binding: Hardback


A is for Asteroids, Z is for Zombies

A Bedtime Book about the Coming Apocalypse

by Paul Lewis

<DIV>Starting with a father whose son has been asking questions about global dangers,<B> A Is for Asteroids, Z Is for Zombies</B><I></I>takes us inside our worst fears, laughing at some and taking others seriously. With macabre verse and ...

ISBN: 9781449486884

Binding: Hardback


A Lovely Love Story

by Edward Monkton

A beautiful story about two lovely dinosaurs with a message as old as time itself &#8211; that being together is better than being apart&#8230; the perfect gift for Valentine's Day Featuring animals as well as distinctly animalistic humans, ...

ISBN: 9780007177875

Binding: Hardback


A Pointless History of the World

Are you a Pointless champion?

by Richard Osman

ISBN: 9781473623231

Binding: Hardback


A Sackful of Limericks

by Michael Palin

If you've ever wondered what happened to the young fellow from Malta who bought his grandfather an altar...If you're concerned about the camper called Jack who found a huge snake in his pack...And if you suspect that an eccentric landowner ...

ISBN: 9781847947994

Binding: Hardback


A Smattering of Latin: Get Classical with Trivia, Quizzes and Fun

by Simon James

A fun, quirky, dip-in-and-outable exploration of Latin and its relevance today Think Latin is an unnecessary, long-dead language? Think again! This fun, absorbing book, packed with quirky bite-sized lists, quizzes and trivia, proves that Latin ...

ISBN: 9781911042228

Binding: Hardback


A Smidgeon of Shakespeare: Brush up on the Bard with Lists, Facts and Fun

by Geoff Spiteri

Handy guide to Shakespeare's most famous characters, lines, motifs and plots If the mere mention of Shakespeare fills you with dread, evoking memories of arduous afternoons spent in stuffy classrooms with eccentric English teachers, it is time ...

ISBN: 9781910232996

Binding: Hardback


A Sticky Note Guide to Life

by Chaz Hutton

LIFE! What does it all mean? Chaz Hutton, the world's first sticky note lifestyle guru, has taken it upon himself to figure it all out so we don't have to. He covers all the important things: dating, working, eating, fighting gorillas, the ...

ISBN: 9780008187620

Binding: Hardback



The ABC's of Cat Ownership

by Katie Cook

<DIV>How can we truly understand our kitties&mdash;their loves, their needs, their desire to poop on the things we hold most dear? <I><I>ABCDE&middot;F&middot;YOU</I></I>provides a descriptive alphabet elucidating Fluffy&#39;s finest features, ...

ISBN: 9781454917205

Binding: Paperback


Abridged Classics: Brief Summaries of Books You Were Supposed to Read but Probably Didn't

by John Atkinson

A collection of irreverent summations of more than 100 well-known works of literature, from Anna Karenina to Wuthering Heights, cleverly described in the fewest words possible and accompanied with funny color illustrations.Abridged Classics: ...

ISBN: 9780062747853

Binding: Hardback


Absolute Joy of Doing Nothing


Doing nothing is not as easy as it sounds! Because of our ridiculously busy,livesbombarded constantly with electronic and visual stimulation, to sit quietly doing nothing is an skill,an art,that has to be learnt. Wheter you are genius,someone ...

ISBN: 9781909732346

Binding: Paperback


Action Movie Kid: All New Adventures Part I

by Daniel Hashimoto

Synopsis coming soon....... ...

ISBN: 9781476799896

Binding: Hardback


Adrian Mole Omnibus: Growing Pains & Diary

by Sue Townsend

Double edition celebrating Adrian Mole's 50th Birthday. Friday January 2nd I felt rotten today. It's my mother's fault for singing 'My Way' at two o'clock in the morning at the top of the stairs. Just my luck to have a mother like her. There is

ISBN: 9781405932189

Binding: Paperback


Adrian Mole: The Collected Poems

by Adrian Mole

For the first time in a single volume, the collected poems of misunderstood intellectual and tortured poet Adrian Mole.%%%<b>Mole Press - a brand new imprint of Penguin Books - is proud to announce the first publication of <i>The Collected ...

ISBN: 9780718188030

Binding: Paperback


Adulthood Is a Myth

A "Sarah's Scribbles" Collection

by Sarah Andersen

<DIV>These casually drawn, perfectly on-point comics by the hugely popular young Brooklyn-based artist Sarah&#160;Andersen are for the rest of us. They document the wasting of entire beautiful weekends on the internet, the&#160;unbearable agony ...

ISBN: 9781449474195

Binding: Paperback