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Laughing Shall I Die

Lives and Deaths of the Great Vikings

by Tom Shippey

<p>In this robust new account of the Vikings, Tom Shippey explores their mindset, and in particular their fascination with scenes of heroic death.&nbsp;<i>Laughing Shall I Die</i>&nbsp;considers Viking psychology by weighing the evidence of the ...

ISBN: 9781780239095

Binding: Hardback


Lawrence in Arabia

War, Deceit, Imperial Folly and the Making of the Modern Middle East

by Scott Anderson

'A fascinating book, the best work of military history in recent memory and an illuminating analysis of issues that still loom large today' <i>New York Times</i> ...

ISBN: 9781782392026

Binding: Paperback


Legendary Ladies

50 Goddesses to Empower and Inspire You

by Ann Shen

<DIV>This book is an illustrated compendium of 50 women of myth and legend from cultures around the world. Each entry has a portrait, a hand-lettered name, and a hand-lettered one-liner in Ann Shen&#39;s signature style. The entries feature a ...

ISBN: 9781452163413

Binding: Hardback


Lesser Dragons

Minority Peoples of China

by Michael Dillon

<div><i>Lesser Dragons</i>&nbsp;is a timely introduction to the fascinating and complex world of China's `national minorities'. Based on detailed research, including the author's first-hand fieldwork in several minority areas, it introduces the ...

ISBN: 9781780239118

Binding: Hardback


Lessons of History

by Will Durant

Synopsis coming soon....... ...

ISBN: 9781439149959

Binding: Paperback


Lexington and Concord

The Battle Heard Round the World

by George C. Daughan

<p>An award-winning historian reinterprets the battle that launched the American Revolution.</p> <p>George C. Daughan&rsquo;s magnificently detailed account of the Battle of Lexington and Concord challenges the prevailing narrative of the ...

ISBN: 9780393356755

Binding: Paperback


Liberty, Fraternity, Exile: Haiti and Jamaica after Emancipation

by Matthew Smith

ISBN: 9781469617978

Binding: Paperback


Line in the Sand: Britain, France and the struggle that shaped the Middle East

by James Barr

In 1916, in the middle of the First World War, two men secretly agreed to divide the Middle East between them. Sir Mark Sykes was a visionary politician; Fran&#231;ois Georges-Picot a diplomat with a grudge. The deal they struck, which was ...

ISBN: 9781847394576

Binding: Paperback


Line of Fire

by Ian Townsend

The little known and intriguing WWII story of an eleven-year-old Australian schoolboy who was shot by the Japanese in Rabaul in 1942 as a suspected spy - a compelling story of spies, volcanoes, history and war. In May 1942, in the town of ...

ISBN: 9781460750926

Binding: Paperback


Lion & Kangaroo

The initiation of Australia

by Gavin Souter

<DIV><I>Winner of the Colin Roderick Award</I><BR /><BR /><B>Lion &amp; Kangaroo</B> is one of Australia&rsquo;s great works of history, a rich chronicle of the nation&rsquo;s coming-of-age. With intelligence, wisdom and wit, acclaimed historian

ISBN: 9781925143393

Binding: Paperback




ISBN: 9780750963640

Binding: Paperback


Liverpool FC 2018 / 2019 Season


This book will chart the progress of Liverpool from pre-season until the very last ball being kicked. There will be the thoughts and opinions of the players, staff, fans and former players to get an exclusive insight into the goings on at the ...

ISBN: 9781906670764

Binding: Hardback


Lives Reclaimed

A Story of Rescue and Resistance in Nazi Germany

by Mark Roseman

ISBN: 9780198802846

Binding: Hardback


Living Maps

An Atlas of Cities Personified

by Adam Dant

<DIV>This gorgeously illustrated atlas personifies 28 cities around the world. Each map sheds light on the strange and marvelous ways in which humans interact with the places they call home. Artist and creative cartographer Adam Dant dissects ...

ISBN: 9781452149523

Binding: Hardback


Living with History / Making Social Change

by Gerda Lerner

ISBN: 9781469622019

Binding: Paperback


Loco Spotter's Guide

by Stuart Black

Since the 1800s locomotives have steamed, chugged and sparked their way into the nation 's affections. These powerful engines were the drivers of the Industrial Revolution, and to the present day carry passengers and freight to every corner of ...

ISBN: 9781472820488

Binding: Paperback


London's 100 Most Extraordinary Buildings


A beautifully illustrated gift book to explore the hidden history of curious London on foot or from the armchair. London's 100 Most Extraordinary Buildings reveals the stories behind the capital's strangest and most enigmatic buildings. While ...

ISBN: 9780750987615

Binding: Hardback


London's 100 Strangest Places


A beautifully illustrated gift book to explore the hidden history of curious London on foot or from the armchair. London's 100 Strangest Places takes a sideways look at the capital, revealing the hidden stories, curious histories and sometimes ...

ISBN: 9780750987639

Binding: Hardback



by Dava Sobel

The tenth anniversary edition of the dramatic human story of an epic scientific quest: the search for the solution of how to calculate longitude and the unlikely triumph of an English genius. With a new Foreword by the celebrated astronaut Neil ...

ISBN: 9780007214228

Binding: Paperback


Lords of the Desert: Britain's Struggle with America to Dominate the Middle East

by James Barr

ISBN: 9781471139802

Binding: Paperback