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Growing Vegetables

by O'Neil Sarah

Many people feel the urge to grow their own food, yet donrsquo;t know where to start. Gone are the days where this life skill is passed down through the generations. So the keen gardener is left to find their own way through a mine field of ...

ISBN: 9781869664572

Binding: Paperback


Growing Vegetables in Straw Bales


Straw bale gardening is an inexpensive, low-maintenance way to grow a bounty of food in a small space. All you need is a bale of straw, some fertilizer, and your favourite vegetable seeds! Craig LeHoullier's step-by-step instructions show you ...

ISBN: 9781612126142

Binding: Paperback


Growing Windowsill Orchids

by Philip Seaton

ISBN: 9781842466094

Binding: Paperback


Growing Your Own Fruit and Veg

by Chivers Alison ; Canning Mary

Growing your Own Fruit and Vegetables guides you through the process of creating and nurturing your fruit and vegetable garden. All you need to start growing your own food is right here. With a little preparation and enthusiasm even the beginner

ISBN: 9781877069918

Binding: Paperback


Growing Your Own Tea Garden: The Guide to Growing and Harvesting Flavorful Teas in Your Backyard

by Jodi Helmer

You Love To Drink Tea. Why Not Grow Your Own? If you've ever considered raising your own tea, this comprehensive guide is the place to start. Growing Your Own Tea Garden is packed with inspiration and practical instructions for cultivating and ...

ISBN: 9781620083222

Binding: Paperback


Guide to Bearded Irises


The diversity of bearded irises rivals that of any other perennial grown in temperate climates. For some gardeners, they bring back warm memories of a grandparent's garden; for others, they're a cutting-edge plant with a seemingly endless ...

ISBN: 9781604692082

Binding: Hardback



A practical guide to creating a wildlife-friendly Australian garden

by AB Bishop

An inspirational and practical how-to guide for people keen to attract fauna into their garden: for their own enjoyment and as a contribution to the health and sustainability of the environment. ...

ISBN: 9781760523473

Binding: Paperback


Hakeas: a Field Garden Guide

by Ivan Holliday

Hakeas A Field And Garden Guide is the first fully comrehensive book on this plant group.Most Hakeas are shrubs. Many bear beautiful flower spikes, followed by large, unusual fruits which are popular in dried flower arrangements. Hakeas A Field ...

ISBN: 9781877069147

Binding: Paperback


Handbook of Natural Plant Dyes


Buttery yellow from garden weeds or gorgeous garnet-red dye from flowers achieving stunning colours for your fabric, yarn, and other natural materials is almost as easy as boiling water, with ingredients as close as your spice cabinet and as ...

ISBN: 9781604690712

Binding: Paperback


Handmade for the Garden

75 Ingenious Ways to Enhance Your Garden

by Susan Guagliumi

ISBN: 9781617690976

Binding: Paperback


Handmade Garden Projects: Step-by-Step Instructions for Creative Garden Features, Containers, Lighting & More


Your journey to a made-from-scratch outdoor space starts here. You can transform your garden into a handmade, personality-infused oasis. Author Lorene Edwards Forkner part eco-friendly non-traditionalist, part crafty creative will show you ...

ISBN: 9781604691856

Binding: Paperback


Handy Pocket Guide to Tropical Fruits

by Wendy Hutton

ISBN: 9780794601881

Binding: Paperback


Hanging Kokedama

Creating Potless Plants for the Home

by Coraleigh Parker

Learn all about the Japanese art of creating pot-less suspended plants, known as kokedama. ...

ISBN: 9781911127390

Binding: Hardback


Happy Cactus

by DK

Have you just joined the cactus craze? Do you want to know how to make your little bundle of spikes thrive, flower and breed? This quirky pocket-sized book is your essential guide to pleasing your prickly pet.<br><br>Your cactus may be ...

ISBN: 9780241341094

Binding: Hardback


Hardy Succulents


Add a touch of the unexpected to your garden. From agaves to ice plants and sedums to sempervivums, hardy succulents can bring colour, texture, and versatility to perennial flower beds in any climate. This comprehensive guide offers clear ...

ISBN: 9781580177009

Binding: Paperback



A complete Australian guide to the edible garden

by Meredith Kirton

All of the information you need to grow your own produce, whether you have a small space available or a large plot of land. ...

ISBN: 9781741964509

Binding: Hardback


Head Gardeners


What is Britain's greatest contribution to world culture? Ambra Edwards suggests it is the garden. It is an art form we have made peculiarly our own, and which we have been exporting to the rest of the world for the last three centuries. It is ...

ISBN: 9781910258743

Binding: Hardback


Healing Garden


ISBN: 9781864706444

Binding: Hardback


Hearst's San Simeon: The Garden and t

by v Kastner

ISBN: 9780810972902

Binding: Hardback


Heirloom Plants

A Complete Compendium of Heritage Vegetables, Fruit, Herbs &..Flowers

by Thomas Etty

ISBN: 9781782403173

Binding: Hardback