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Flourish: New Zealand Women and Their Extraordinary Gardens

by Barb Rogers

This book celebrates the endeavours and achievements of women gardeners who are responsible for some of the most-admired gardens within New Zealand. Often starting as a home-based hobby, fitting around child care and other domestic tasks, the ...

ISBN: 9780143770909

Binding: Paperback


Flower Book, The

by DK

A celebration of gorgeous flowers for your home and the ideal gift for those who love giving, receiving, and arranging flowers.<BR>Flower farmer and floral designer<b> Rachel Siegfried</b> celebrates, bloom by bloom, the loveliest flowers for ...

ISBN: 9780241229699

Binding: Hardback


Flower Garden

by Foster Clare

ISBN: 9781786274090

Binding: Hardback


Flower Gardener's Bible


Create the flower garden of your dreams. This comprehensive guide includes expert advice on everything from choosing an appropriate growing site to maximizing the lifespan of your plants. Charming illustrations and photographs accompany helpful ...

ISBN: 9781580174626

Binding: Paperback


Flower Gardens

by Lori Kinstad Pupeza

Provides information and advice on choosing flowers, preparing a place for them to grow, and then planting and caring for them. ...

ISBN: 9781577650317

Binding: Hardback


Flower Powered Garden: Supercharge Your Borders and Containers with Bold, Colourful Plant Combinations


The Flower-Powered Garden is a joyful celebration of one of the most important elements of a home garden color! With planting themes like royal velvet purples and the breezy blue seaside chic, along with information on plant care and ...

ISBN: 9781604696660

Binding: Hardback


Flowers Every Day: Inspired Florals for Home, Gifts and Gatherings

by Florence Kennedy

Inspired florals for home, gifts and gatherings Florence Kennedy offers a unique, modern approach to flower arranging. Breaking away from the stiff structure and formality of traditional floral displays, Florence's personal floristry style is ...

ISBN: 9781911216308

Binding: Hardback




Framing the edges of a peaceful garden retreat or serving as a background colour to make your flowers stand out, foliage is an important part of any well-thought-out planting. In this fun and informative guide, Nancy J. Ondra shows you how to ...

ISBN: 9781580176484

Binding: Paperback



Practical and Innovative Ways to Create an Edible Landscape

by Charlie Nardozzi

Keep your lawn and eat it too - <i>Foodscaping </i>will show you how to grow food without giving up your view. ...

ISBN: 9781591866275

Binding: Paperback


Fragrant Orchids


Orchid lovers of all levels will delight in this unique approach to selecting new and exciting varieties of fragrant orchids. More than 100 different orchids are profiled here, with exquisite images of each, and salient details are included for

ISBN: 9780881927399

Binding: Hardback


Fresh from the Garden

An Organic Guide to Growing Vegetables, Berries, and Herbs in Cold Climates

by John Whitman

Fresh is simply best. To get the tastiest, most nutritious produce, you have to grow your own, and in a cold climate this presents unique challenges. "Fresh from the Garden" will help you extend the growing season to produce the best vegetables,

ISBN: 9780816698394

Binding: Hardback


From Art to Landscape


Garden designers face some daunting questions: How do I begin the creative process? Where can I find design inspiration? How will I know if my design is successful? If you approach these questions like an artist, with an artist's tools and ways ...

ISBN: 9780881929737

Binding: Hardback


From Blenheim to Chartwell

The Untold Story of Churchill's Houses and Gardens

by Stefan Buczacki

<p>This book is a biography of Winston Churchill through the houses he lived in and the gardens he made. It culminates with the full story of his purchase, alteration and creation of Chartwell, Kent, where he lived for more than 40 years before ...

ISBN: 9781911604235

Binding: Paperback


From Seeds To Leaves

by Robin Stewart

If you have an interest in the power of seeds to transform the earth, or in planting Australian native trees and shrubs on a small scale or large, <i>From Seeds to Leaves</i> is the book for you. It describes how to collect your own fruit and ...

ISBN: 9781863952255

Binding: Paperback


Fruit and Veg Box

by DK Australia

Bursting with step-by-step photography, foolproof growing advice, plant portraits and finished recipes, Fruit and Veg Box is a beautiful gift box collection that takes you from planting and picking to plating-up and preserving with three expert ...

ISBN: 9781740332026

Binding: Paperback


Fruit Gardener's Bible


Enjoy bushels of crispy apples and baskets of juicy blueberries from your own backyard. Authors Lewis Hill and Leonard Perry provide everything you need to know to successfully grow delicious organic fruit at home, from choosing the best ...

ISBN: 9781603425674

Binding: Paperback


Fruit Trees in Small Spaces: Abundant Harvests from Your Own Backyard


Luscious peaches, crisp apples, and sweet plums right off the tree are hard to beat. For gardeners yearning for the pleasures of home-grown fruit plucked straight from the tree, this deliciously encouraging guide cuts the subject down to size. ...

ISBN: 9781604691900

Binding: Paperback



by Jennifer Stackhouse

The ideal book for anyone who wants to keep their garden in tip-top shape. Garden is an invaluable guide to maintaining a garden - from the plants to the paving - all year round. Starting with the vital task of watering, Australian gardening ...

ISBN: 9780733332388

Binding: Paperback



by William Dangar

A lavishly photographed celebration of renowned Australian landscape designer William Dangar's unique and highly creative approach to garden making. ...

ISBN: 9781760522766

Binding: Hardback


Garden Bible: Designing Your Perfect Outdoor Space


ISBN: 9781864706185

Binding: Hardback