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Down the Kitchen Sink


Down the Kitchen Sink has much in common with its famous predecessor, Down the Garden Path, in which Beverley Nichols described his early forays into the realm of gardening. When he began to write the first, he could not prune a rose. When he ...

ISBN: 9780881928044

Binding: Hardback


Dream, Draw, Design My Garden

A Sketchbook for Gardeners, Artists, and Landscape Lovers

by James Hobbs

What does your dream garden look like? Why not sketch it! ...

ISBN: 9781631590429

Binding: Paperback


Drought-Defying California Garden


A must-have for every gardener in California looking for a new way to garden in a changing climate. In recent years California has been facing extreme drought, and in 2015 they passed state-wide water restrictions that affect home owners. ...

ISBN: 9781604697094

Binding: Paperback


Dry Gardening Australia

Sustainable drought proof gardening from the soil up

by Jonathan Garner

Written specifically for Australian gardens by leading landscape and horticulturist Jonathon Garner, <i>Dry Gardening Australia</i> gives you everything you need to know about sustainable drought proof gardening from the soil up. ...

ISBN: 9781741960648

Binding: Paperback


Dry Gardens

High Style for Low Water Gardens

by Daniel Nolan

<DIV>Featuring 25 indoor and outdoor gardens and landscapes each detailed project offers a different approach to incorporating the desert flora. With designs by Daniel Nolan as well as other leading garden designers such as Judy Kameon, ...

ISBN: 9780847861262

Binding: Hardback


Dwarf Campanulas


ISBN: 9780881928105

Binding: Hardback


Easy Birdhouses & Feeders

Simple Projects to Attract & Retain the Birds You Want

by Michael Berger

ISBN: 9781591865995

Binding: Paperback



Edible City, The

by Indira Naidoo

When Indira Naidoo transformed her tiny thirteenth-floor balcony into a bountiful kitchen garden, it changed her life forever. She joined the quiet revolution rolling through our cities - the army of urban gardeners turning concrete ...

ISBN: 9781921383816

Binding: Paperback


Edible Front Yard


"Front lawns, beware: The Germinatrix has you in her crosshairs! Ivette Soler is a welcome voice urging us to mow less and grow some food in her uniquely fun, infectious yet informative way." Susan Harris, Garden Rant People everywhere are ...

ISBN: 9781604691993

Binding: Paperback


Edible Garden Design: Delicious Designs From The Ground Up

by Jamie Durie

Practical and inspiring, Jamie Durie's <i>Edible Garden Design </i>is a book for our times. As more and more of us recognise the environmental, financial and health benefits of growing our own food, all over the country flower beds are being ...

ISBN: 9781921383083

Binding: Hardback


Edible Wild Plants

by Caleb Warnock

ISBN: 9781945547836

Binding: Hardback


Encyclopedia of Container Plants


Container gardening is ideally suited to today's lifestyles it provides the excitement, versatility, and variety of in-the-ground gardening to those with limited space, time, and resources. But in order to make the most of container ...

ISBN: 9780881929621

Binding: Hardback


Encyclopedia of Cultivated Palms


The Encyclopaedia of Cultivated Palms is the definitive account of all palms that can be grown for ornamental and economic use. Palms are often underutilized as a result of their unfamiliarity even to tropical gardeners. To help introduce ...

ISBN: 9781604692051

Binding: Hardback


Encyclopedia Of Garden Design: Planning, Building and Planting Your Perfect Outdoor Space

by DK Australia

Whatever the size of your space, and whether starting with a blank canvas or renewing an existing garden, this in-depth manual offers fresh, achievable ideas- grasp the fundamentals of garden design, discover a style that's right for you, and ...

ISBN: 9780143769927

Binding: Hardback


Encyclopedia of Grasses for Livable Landscapes


In this new book noted grass expert and advocate Rick Darke addresses both the aesthetic qualities of grasses in private gardens and the opportunities and challenges of using them in wild and constructed public landscapes. All the true grasses,

ISBN: 9780881928174

Binding: Hardback


Encyclopedia Of Herbal Medicine

by Andrew Chevallier

Are you using natural remedies to reduce stress or improve your health? With the fully updated and revised <i>Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine</i>, you can join the ever-increasing numbers that are. <BR>Written by Andrew Chevallier, a fellow of ...

ISBN: 9780241229446

Binding: Hardback


Encyclopedia of Herbs


This meticulously researched compendium provides every aspect of growing, identifying, harvesting, preserving, and using more than 500 species of herbs. Thorough profiles provide a plant's botanical name and family, whether it is an annual or ...

ISBN: 9780881929942

Binding: Hardback


Epic Eggs

The Poultry Enthusiast's Complete and Essential Guide to the Most Perfect Food

by Jennifer Sartell

For the backyard farmer that wants to get the most out of their poultry and learn what goes into raising birds to lay the perfect egg. ...

ISBN: 9780760352229

Binding: Paperback


Epic Tomatoes


Savour your best tomato harvest ever! Craig LeHoullier provides everything a tomato enthusiast needs to know about growing more than 200 varieties of tomatoes, from planting to cultivating and collecting seeds at the end of the season. He also ...

ISBN: 9781612122083

Binding: Paperback