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Collins Little Books - Bridge Secrets [Second Edition]

by Collins

When you open this little book, the state secrets of the game of bridge lie in your hands. They cover everything you need to know to go from being a bridge beginner to an international mastermind! The book is split into short, concise and ...

ISBN: 9780008250478

Binding: Paperback


Collins Pub Quiz

by .

Q: What's inside this book?A: More than 200 brand new quizzes covering everything from pop stars to death stars . The rounds are a mixture of themed and potluck and the questions go from friendly teasers to ones that will scramble even an ...

ISBN: 9780007479979

Binding: Paperback


Color Chicago: 20 Views to Color in by Hand

by Hennie Haworth

Experience twenty of Chicago's most notable street scenes, architectural landmarks, parks, museums, and other highlights in a fresh new way with this delightful adult coloring book.From the famous Bean sculpture to Wrigley Field to the Sears ...

ISBN: 9780062574251

Binding: Paperback


Color San Francisco: 20 Views to Color in by Hand

by Emma Kelly

Discover the City by the Bay as never before in this enchanting coloring book filled with twenty intricate line drawings that capture San FranciscoAn urban environment mixed with a dramatic natural landscape makes San Francisco one of the most ...

ISBN: 9780062574268

Binding: Paperback


Colour Me Jane

by Jacqui Oakley

"Enter the rich and beautiful world of Jane Austen's beloved novels replete with detail of period dress and decor. Color in famous scenes from each of Austen's books-beautifully hand drawn with exquisite, sensuous detail, and explore all the ...

ISBN: 9780451497826

Binding: Paperback


Cracking the Cube

by Ian Scheffler

Synopsis coming soon....... ...

ISBN: 9781501121937

Binding: Paperback


Cranium-Training Logic Puzzles

by Michael Rios

<DIV>Get your brain in shape with more than 300 logic puzzles! Mike Rios has devised a fun collection with 12 different types of cranium trainers, starting with easier ones and getting harder as you build your skills. Some&mdash;like nurikabe, ...

ISBN: 9781454917861

Binding: Paperback


Dad's Puzzles

Crosswords and Word Searches to Give Your Brain a Workout

by Gareth Moore

ISBN: 9781782438656

Binding: Paperback


Daily Mail Pitcherwits Volume 1

by Rebus Professor

ISBN: 9780600634218

Binding: Paperback


Daily Mail Pitcherwits Volume 2

by Rebus Professor

ISBN: 9780600634904

Binding: Paperback


Daily Mail Pitcherwits Volume 3

by Professor Rebus

ISBN: 9780600634911

Binding: Paperback


Dead or Alive

by JeezVanilla

ISBN: 9781786270283

Binding: Cards


Deadly Defence

by Wladyslaw Izdebski

ISBN: 9780297863502

Binding: Paperback


Defending Doubled Contracts

by Ron Klinger

ISBN: 9781474600682

Binding: Paperback


Delicious Word Searches

by Brian Cimmet

<div>Hungry for word searches? These puzzles will satisfy! Each one features a particular theme, like flowers or the Oscars. And when the search is solved, a little something extra awaits wordplay fans: the unused letters in the grid spell out ...

ISBN: 9781454900528

Binding: Spiral bound


Doctor Who: Who-ology

by Cavan;Wright, Mark; Scott

Test your knowledge of the last Time Lord and the worlds he's visited in Who-ology, an unforgettable journey through over 50 years of <i>Doctor Who</i>.<br><br>Packed with facts, figures and stories from the show's galactic run, this unique tour

ISBN: 9781785943027

Binding: Paperback


Dog Domino

by Itsuko Suzuki

ISBN: 9781856699839

Binding: Hardback


Dot To Dot Nyc

by Narae Kim

Follow the numbers, grab your crayons and markers, and discover and decorate the capitol of the worldaHidden just beyond sight in this adventurous dot to dot coloring book lie epic New York City landmarks to be revealed and completed by you, the

ISBN: 9781576878156

Binding: Paperback


Dots Incredible!

Connect 24,135 Dots in 84 Puzzles

by Conceptis Puzzles

ISBN: 9781402782237

Binding: Paperback


Double Vision

Addictive Photo Puzzles That Challenge Your Attention to Detail

by Megan McFarland

<div><div>Double the photos, double the fun! Each of these 100 challenges contains two seemingly identical photographs. But look closely and you'll see they're not quite the same&#8212;maybe a small object has disappeared, the background ...

ISBN: 9781454911029

Binding: Paperback