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Anti-Stress Dot-to-Dot

Beautiful, calming pictures to complete yourself

by Emily Milne Wallis

Relax and focus your mind with these beautiful dot-to-dot pictures. <i><b>Anti-Stress Dot-to-Dot</b></i> by Emily Milne Wallis is full of sophisticated dot-to-dot illustrations for you to complete yourself. Featuring majestic animals, elegant ...

ISBN: 9780752265865

Binding: Paperback


Around the World Word Search Puzzles


Travel the world with this first-class puzzle treasury! Where would you find the Spanish Steps? What's the modern-day name for Byzantium? Where's Wrigley Field? These and many other questions related to an international array of cultures are ...

ISBN: 9780486824031

Binding: Paperback


Art Oracles

Creative and Life Inspiration from the Great Artists

by Katya Tylevich

Be guided and inspired by the world’s greatest artists with this creative set of oracle cards. Are you suffering from creative block? Struggling to make a difficult life decision? Find out what Picasso, Pollock, Kahlo and other great artists ...

ISBN: 9781786270139

Binding: Hardback


Artful Paint-doku

by Conceptis Puzzles

<DIV>How artful a solver are you? These 96 logic puzzles will test your skill! Each of these paint-doku, when correctly completed, reveals a big surprise: a picture that provides a satisfying payoff for all your successful solving.</DIV> ...

ISBN: 9781454919834

Binding: Paperback


At the Movies Word Search Puzzles


This collection of 100 word search puzzles will challenge even the most dedicated movie buffs as they hunt for the names of actors, directors, and characters as well as key plot points, dialogue, and other terms related to big-screen ...

ISBN: 9780486828152

Binding: Paperback


Awe-Inspiring Facts & Intriguing Illusions

300 Awesome Truths & Startling Visuals to Daze & Amaze!

by Parragon Books Ltd

Awe-Inspiring Facts & Intriguing Illusions has 300 awesome truths and startling visuals that will daze and amaze friends and family. ...

ISBN: 9781474880824

Binding: Paperback


Basic Acol Bridge Flipper

by Ron Klinger

ISBN: 9780304362790

Binding: Paperback


Battle of the Bands

Rock Trump Cards

by Stephen Ellcock

Who was the most shocking rock band in living history, the Sex Pistols or Black Sabbath? Did Led Zeppelin destroy more hotel rooms than the Who? Was anyone more influential than the Beatles? And who threw more diva strops? This fun trump game ...

ISBN: 9781856699877

Binding: Hardback


Best Ever Sudoku

With 365 Challenging Puzzles

by Parragon Books Ltd

Best Ever Sudoku has 365 challenging puzzles for you to complete! ...

ISBN: 9781474880893

Binding: Paperback


Big Book Of Wordsearches Book 2: 300 Puzzles

by Collins

Reach for your trusty pen or pencil and tackle these word challenges at your leisure. Arranged in themes, they will provide a mental workout and relaxtion therapy at the same time. Relax and give your brain a workout. Ideal for whiling away ...

ISBN: 9780008279684

Binding: Paperback


Big Book Of Wordsearches Book 3: 300 Puzzles

by Collins

Reach for your trusty pen or pencil and tackle this bumper collection of word challenges at your leisure. Arranged in themes, they will provide a mental workout and relaxation therapy at the same time. Relax and give your brain a workout. Ideal

ISBN: 9780008293321

Binding: Paperback


Big Fun Bible Puzzle Book

by Thomas Nelson

Everyone can have hours and hours of puzzle fun with this book that includes hundreds of quick and easy ways to teach and learn about the Bible. See the Bible in new ways, refresh your memory of Bible facts, or quiz your family, friends, or ...

ISBN: 9781404108851

Binding: Paperback


Black Belt Word Search Puzzles

by Samuel A. Donaldson

<div>Warning: a mind-melting experience awaits you here! These puzzles take solvers&#39; skills to the limit with encrypted word lists&ccedil;and grids with missing letters waiting to be filled in.</div> ...

ISBN: 9781454912095

Binding: Paperback


Blockbuster Paint-doku

by Conceptis Puzzles

<DIV>Calling all solvers: there&rsquo;s a brand-new type of Paint-doku! These 96 puzzles challenge you with simple geometry and shapes&mdash;figure it out and you end up with a cool picture. Here&rsquo;s how it works: the numbers in the grids ...

ISBN: 9781454923008

Binding: Paperback


Boost Your Brain

by Joel Levy

<i>Switch on your brain with puzzles, tips and teasers </i><i> </i>Improve your memory and recall, develop cognitive skills and increase your brain power with <i>Boost Your Brain</i>. Ever find it difficult to remember where you left your

ISBN: 9781409324867

Binding: Paperback


Brain Aerobics Mindteasers

by J.J. Mendoza Fernandez

ISBN: 9781454909682

Binding: Paperback


Brain Aerobics Word Search Puzzles

by Mark Danna

ISBN: 9781454909613

Binding: Paperback


Brain Benders for Champions

Crosswords, Logic Puzzles, Word Games & More

by Stanley Newman

ISBN: 9781454912644

Binding: Paperback


Brain Power

Train Your Brain and Improve Your Memory

by Parragon Books Ltd

Broken into sections focusing on specific skills, Brain Power is a guide to your brain, full of fun exercises. ...

ISBN: 9781474841566

Binding: Paperback


Brain-Sharpening Memory Puzzles

Test Your Recall with 80 Photo Games

by Luke Sharpe

<DIV>The clock is ticking! Take three minutes to stare at these elaborate color photos before time&#39;s up and you have to turn the page. On the flip side, you&#39;ll find questions about the various details in the picture. Can you remember ...

ISBN: 9781454916536

Binding: Paperback