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Power Yoga for Athletes

More than 100 Poses and Flows to Improve Performance in Any Sport

by Sean Vigue

Perfect for those who want a total body and mind workout. ...

ISBN: 9781592336159

Binding: Paperback


Present, Not Perfect

A Journal for Slowing Down, Letting Go, and Loving Who You Are

by Aimee Chase

ISBN: 9781250147752

Binding: Paperback


Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body

by Kate Hudson

A smart health and fitness bible from inspirational actress Kate Hudson. A smart beautiful book from a smart inspirational actress and fitness icon. Kate Hudson will share her insights into how every woman can live healthy, strong and beautiful

ISBN: 9780008171995

Binding: Paperback



30 Days to Turbocharged Habits, a Bangin' Body, and the Life You Deserve!

by Chalene Johnson

Chalene Johnson built a fitness empire from the ground up, selling over 10 million DVDs and helping legions of loyal fans shed pounds and transform their lives with her trademark enthusiasm and energy<i>. </i> The revised and updated ...

ISBN: 9781623368692

Binding: Paperback


Quiet Sitting

The Daoist Approach for a Healthy Mind and Body

by Jiang Weiqiao

<i>Quiet Sitting: The Daoist Approach for a Healthy Mind and Body</i> is a combination of two translated texts from two of the most famous Jing Gong (quiet sitting) pioneers in China during the early 20th century. This no-frills handbook is ...

ISBN: 9781602201286

Binding: Hardback


Relentless: From Good To Great To Unstoppable

by Tim S. Grover

Synopsis coming soon....... ...

ISBN: 9781476714202

Binding: Paperback


Remembering Well

How memory works and what to do when it doesn't

by Delys Sargeant

A compact, friendly book that informs, reassures and gives practical guidance to people who think they are losing their memory; to people who are losing their memory; and to those who care for them as well. ...

ISBN: 9781865085838

Binding: Paperback



Seducing the Senses: Spa Visions of a Bon Vivant


"Seducing the Senses" presents the incomparable delights of the luxury spa experience. For despite common associations with fitness, weight loss and other regimes, the luxury spa remains first and foremost a source of relaxation, rejuvenation ...

ISBN: 9780970955210

Binding: Hardback


Simply Gluten Free

Rita Greer's Helpful Kitchen Handbook

by Rita Greer

<p>Gluten allergy, coeliac conditions, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and bloating can undermine a person’s health and sense of wellbeing. Gluten is the basis for much of the Western diet, either as bread, pasta and cereals or as an ingredient in a ...

ISBN: 9780285642225

Binding: Paperback


Sit Strong

Everyday exercises to stretch and strengthen your posture

by Harriet Griffey

<DIV>Our bodies are built for movement, but our modern lives mean that we spend much of our time in sedentary occupations, whether that&rsquo;s at our desks, commuting long distances by car or even just at home watching the television. Back ...

ISBN: 9781784881443

Binding: Hardback


Skinny Bastard

by Kim Barnouin

ISBN: 9780762435401

Binding: Paperback


Skinny Bitch

by Kim Barnouin

ISBN: 9780762424931

Binding: Paperback


Skinny Bitch in the Kitch

Kick-Ass Solutions for Hungry Girls Who Want to Stop Cooking Crap (and Start Looking Hot!)

by Kim Barnouin

ISBN: 9780762431069

Binding: Paperback


Sleepeasy Solution


ISBN: 9780757305603

Binding: Paperback


Sleeping Your Way to the Top

How to Get the Sleep You Need to Succeed

by Terry Cralle

<DIV>Many people believe the less sleep you get, the more productive you are. <I>Sleeping Your Way to the Top</I> debunks that myth and shows that sleep and success go hand in hand. This groundbreaking study presents compelling new research and ...

ISBN: 9781454918486

Binding: Hardback


Slow Sex

The Art and craft of the Female Orgasm

by Nicole Daedone

ISBN: 9780446567183

Binding: Paperback


Sod Sitting, Get Moving!: Getting Active in Your 60s, 70s and Beyond

by Muir;Moran, Diana;Mostyn, David Gray

<i>Sod Sitting, Get Moving!</i> is the must-have guide to keeping fit and healthy in your sixties, seventies and beyond. Specifically designed for older adults the exercises, stretches and strengthening movements will help keep you fit, strong ...

ISBN: 9781472943767

Binding: Hardback