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Educational Leadership For a More Sustai

by Mike Bottery

<i>Educational Leadership for a More Sustainable World</i> argues that current crises in educational policies and practice, including the recruitment and retention of educational leaders, ultimately derive from the interactions between four key ...

ISBN: 9781472568250

Binding: Paperback


Educational Psychology

by John Santrock

ISBN: 9780073378787

Binding: Paperback


Educator's Quick Reference Guide to Curriculum Compacting

by Sally Reis

ISBN: 9781618217882

Binding: Paperback


Educator's Quick Reference Guide to Growth Mindsets

by Mary Cay Ricci

ISBN: 9781618217912

Binding: Paperback


Effective Classroom Communication Pocketbook

by Richard Churches

Research consistently shows that teacher effectiveness is about engagement, interaction, questioning, positive atmosphere, high expectations and suitable challenge. At the heart of all these areas is the ability to communicate effectively. How ...

ISBN: 9781906610111

Binding: Paperback


Effective Classroom Practice

by Kington

ISBN: 9780335247127

Binding: Paperback


Effective Practice In The Eyfs

by Vicky Hutchin

ISBN: 9780335247530

Binding: Paperback


Effective Senco: Meeting The Challenge

by Wearmouth

ISBN: 9780335262045

Binding: Paperback


Effective Teacher Development

by Bob Burstow

The responsibility for facilitating effective continuing professional development (CPD) is based firmly in schools. Frequently, decisions are based on gut feeling, advertisements received or prior experiences. <i>Effective Teacher ...

ISBN: 9781474231855

Binding: Paperback


Elementary Classroom Management: Lessons From Research And Practice

by Weinstein

ISBN: 9780078024542

Binding: Paperback


Empowered Educators

How High-performing Systems Shape Teaching Quality Around the World

by Linda Darling-Hammond

ISBN: 9781119369608

Binding: Paperback


Empowered Educators in Australia

How High-performing Systems Shape Teaching Quality Around the World

by Dion Burns

<p><b>BEST PRACTICES FROM AUSTRALIA'S HIGH-PERFORMING SCHOOL SYSTEMS</b></p> <p><i>Empowered Educators in Australia</i> is one volume in a series that explores how high- performing educational systems from around the world achieve strong ...

ISBN: 9781119369646

Binding: Paperback


Engaging Play

by Liz Brooker

ISBN: 9780335235865

Binding: Paperback


Engaging with Educational Change: Voices of Practitioner Inquiry

by A;Gioia, K;Patterson, C Fleet

Including narratives of practice across diverse Australian settings, <i>Engaging with Educational Change</i> fills a gap in the current educational change literature. Building on the experience of the authors and their colleagues, this book ...

ISBN: 9781474250849

Binding: Hardback


English Composition SparkCharts

by SparkNotes

ISBN: 9781411470286

Binding: Hardback


Enhancing Primary Science

by Lois Kelly

ISBN: 9780335247042

Binding: Paperback


EP Early Childhd Educator Diploma+CNCT

by Lorraine Walker

ISBN: 9781743079195

Binding: Mixed media product


Essential Cell Biology 4th Edition

by Alberts

<P><EM>Essential Cell Biology</EM> provides a readily accessible introduction to the central concepts of cell biology, and its lively, clear writing and exceptional illustrations make it the ideal textbook for a first course in both cell and ...

ISBN: 9780815344551

Binding: Paperback



Essential Medicines Management

by Robertson

ISBN: 9780335263981

Binding: Paperback