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Ample Hills Creamery

Secrets From Brooklyn's Favourite Ice Cream Shop

by Brian Smith

ISBN: 9781617690761

Binding: Hardback


An Indian Housewife's Recipe Book

Over 100 traditional recipes

by Laxmi Khurana

ISBN: 9780716020783

Binding: Paperback


An Irish Country Cookbook

by Patrick Taylor

From <i>New York Times</i>, <i>USA Today</i>, and <i>Globe and Mail</i> bestselling author Patrick Taylor comes ten new short stories in the popular An Irish Country series paired with more than 150 delicious Irish family recipes. Told from ...

ISBN: 9780765382795

Binding: Paperback


An: To Eat

Recipes and Stories from a Vietnamese Family Kitchen

by Helene An

ISBN: 9780762458356

Binding: Hardback



Adventures in Turkish Cooking

by David Dale

Re-imagining the traditions of Turkish cuisine in images, stories and delicious recipes.<br><br> ...

ISBN: 9781743360491

Binding: Hardback


Ancient Brews

Rediscovered and Re-created

by W W Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393253801

Binding: Hardback


Ancient Grains

A Guide to Cooking with Power-Packed Millet, Oats, Spelt, Farro, Sorghum & Teff

by Kim Lutz

<DIV>Ancient grains are making a comeback on today&#39;s dinner tables&mdash;including gluten-free options, like millet and sorghum. <I>Super Grains</I> celebrates the whole-grain goodness of spelt, farro, and even the humble ...

ISBN: 9781454919377

Binding: Paperback


Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen

Recipes from the East for Health, Healing, and Long Life

by Mika Ono

ISBN: 9780738213255

Binding: Paperback



The heart of Peruvian food: recipes and stories from the Andes

by Martin Morales

<DIV>Featuring over 110 delicious and unfussy recipes accompanied by fascinating stories, dazzling photography and beautiful paintings, <B>Andina</B> is the first ever book to capture the food and scenery of the Andes and the spirit of its ...

ISBN: 9781849499941

Binding: Hardback


Andy Bates: Modern Twists on Classic Dishes


Cheeky chef Andy Bates, the host of the TV series Street Feasts, gives his unique twist on traditional classics. From his stall on London's Whitecross street market, Andy has seen the street food scene explode. Travelling to some of the most ...

ISBN: 9781908917706

Binding: Paperback


Ani's Raw Food Essentials

Recipes and Techniques for Mastering the Art of Live Food

by Ani Phyo

ISBN: 9780738215600

Binding: Paperback


Animals Artwork by Julia Kuo Journal Collection 1

Set of two 64-page notebooks

by Julia Kuo

ISBN: 9781592539680

Binding: Paperback


Animals Artwork by Julia Kuo Journal Collection 2

Set of two 64-page notebooks

by Julia Kuo

ISBN: 9781592539697

Binding: Paperback


Animals Note Cards Artwork by Julia Kuo

16 Assorted Note Cards and Envelopes

by Julia Kuo

ISBN: 9781592539574

Binding: Paperback


Anjum's Indian Vegetarian Feast

Fabulous Fresh Indian Food

by Anjum Anand

<DIV>In 'Anjum's Vegetarian Feast, ' Anjum adapts the true flavours of India, with her trademark concern for healthy eating and a good diet, to make dishes that are light, bright, modern and balanced, providing all the protein and other ...

ISBN: 9781849491204

Binding: Hardback


Annabel Karmel's Busy Mum's Cookbook

by Annabel Karmel

As a bestselling children?s cookery writer, entrepreneur and mum of three, Annabel Karmel knows what it?s like to juggle motherhood with a busy life. The prospect of spending hours cooking a nutritious meal for the family can be daunting, but ...

ISBN: 9781785030888

Binding: Hardback


Annie's Farmhouse Kitchen

Seasonal menus with a French heart

by Annie Smithers

<DIV><B>Annie&#39;s Farmhouse Kitchen</B> is a window on the bucolic world of acclaimed Victorian chef Annie Smithers. The book&#160;includes a best-of selection of three and four-course menus collected by Annie over the three years of her ...

ISBN: 9781743792643

Binding: Hardback


Anti-Inflammatory Diet in 21

100 Recipes, 5 Ingredients, and 3 Weeks to Fight Inflammation

by Sondi Bruner

Anti-Inflammatory Diet in 21 is an indispensable cookbook and meal plan with one goal: to transition you to a healthier lifestyle that supports your immune system. ...

ISBN: 9781623156732

Binding: Paperback


Antonio Carluccio: The Collection

by Antonio Carluccio

<DIV>The Godfather of Italian food, Antonio Carluccio is an internationally acclaimed cook whose worldwide book sales number in the millions and whose television series have screened in over 20 countries. Now, for the first time, he has brought ...

ISBN: 9781787133563

Binding: Paperback


Antonio Carluccio: The Collection

by Antonio Carluccio

<DIV>Capturing Antonio Carluccio's simple, joyful and no-fuss approach to cooking, this exceptional book, with over 300 of his best recipes, provides a unique culinary journey covering every aspect of the Italian meal from antipasti to dolci and

ISBN: 9781849491860

Binding: Hardback