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An Explorer's Guide to the Nether

Lost Minecraft Journals, Book Two

by Winter Morgan

<p><b>Age range 9 to 12</b></p><p>Harriet, Jack, and Toby are treasure hunters, searching the Minecraft world for its most valuable hidden secrets. In an abandoned mineshaft, they discovered a lost journal that once belonged to William, a ...

ISBN: 9781510703513

Binding: Paperback


Anancy and Mr Dry-Bone

by Fiona French

ISBN: 9781845071646

Binding: Paperback


Anatomy And Physiology For Kids

Children's Anatomy & Physiology Books Edition

by Speedy Publishing

Kids reach an age when they become fascinated with their bodies and the bodies of others. A book about anatomy and physiology would help them better understand the similarities and differences between male and female forms and human bodies and ...

ISBN: 9781681275611

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Ancient Egypt in 30 Seconds

30 Awesome Topics for Pharaoh Fanatics Explained in Half a Minute

by Cath Senker

'With its bright, colourful illustrations this book immediately attracts... One of the best Ancient Egypt reference books I've seen.' - <i>The School Librarian </i> ...

ISBN: 9781782402374

Binding: Paperback


Ancient Rome in 30 Seconds

30 fascinating topics for time detectives, explainedin half a minutes

by Olivier Latyk

With fast facts, mini missions and engaging artwork, <i>Ancient Rome in 30 Seconds</i> is an introduction to one of the world's greatest ancient civilizations. ...

ISBN: 9781782403982

Binding: Paperback


Angry Birds


Synopsis coming soon....... ...

ISBN: 9781608872114

Binding: Hardback


Animal Eco-Warriors

Humans and Animals Working Together to Protect Our Planet

by Nic Gill

<p><b>Age range 9 to 13 years</b></p><p>Come on an action-packed adventure with an amazing mob of animal eco-warriors as they use their special talents to help solve our planet’s environmental problems! From the nosy noses of biosecurity beagles

ISBN: 9781486306213

Binding: Paperback


Animal Flash Cards: 123

by Camilla de la Bedoyere

Make learning numbers a joy with these delightfully illustrated flash-cards, workbook, and poster. A key tool to give your child a head- start as they enter the world of numbers. ...

ISBN: 9781784930332

Binding: Paperback


Animal Flash Cards: ABC

by Camilla de la Bedoyere

Make learning the alphabet a joy with these delightfully illustrated flash cards. ...

ISBN: 9781784930936

Binding: Paperback


Animal Flash Cards: Colours & Opposites

by Camilla de la Bedoyere

Make learning adjectives a joy with these delightfully illustrated flash cards. ...

ISBN: 9781784930943

Binding: Paperback


Animal Parade

by Aino-Maija Metsola

Learn about the key concepts of 'bigger' and 'smaller' with these double-sided six-piece floor puzzles. ...

ISBN: 9781847807472

Binding: Board book


Animals at Home

Match 27 Animals to Their Homes

by Claudia Boldt

ISBN: 9781786270276

Binding: Hardback


Animals at Play

by Sterling Children's

<p><b>Age range 5 to 8</b></p><p>Kids can draw a soaring owl, grazing cow, pink-eared bunny, hungry fox, and mama duck with her ducklings! It's easy with the six stencil pages—and each stencil includes TWO different backgrounds to choose from, ...

ISBN: 9781454915560

Binding: Spiral bound


Animals of the World

by Richard Unglik

Richard Unglik, a professional photographer and child at heart, uses Playmobil figurines and scenery to depict exotic animals across the globe, as well as their roles in history, pop culture, and mythology. ...

ISBN: 9781633221840

Binding: Hardback


Animation Lab for Kids

Fun Projects for Visual Storytelling and Making Art Move - From cartooning and flip books to claymation and stop motion movie making

by Laura Bellmont

In <i>Animation Lab for Kids, </i>artists, teachers, and authors Laura Bellmont and Emily Brink present exciting, fun, hands-on projects that teach kids a range of animation techniques. ...

ISBN: 9781631591181

Binding: Paperback


Anna the Goanna

and other poems

by Jill MacDougall

Cheeky dogs, slippery snakes and crocodiles with big smiles join Anna in this collection of lively illustrated poems. With warmth and respect, we’re taken into the children’s lives as they camp under the stars, go hunting for tucker and play ...

ISBN: 9780855756161

Binding: Paperback


Anne of Avonlea

by Lucy Maud Montgomery

ISBN: 9781402754289

Binding: Hardback


Anne of Green Gables

by Lucy Maud Montgomery

ISBN: 9781402714511

Binding: Hardback


Arabel's Raven

by Joan Aiken

ISBN: 9781847804648

Binding: Paperback


Arabel's Raven

by Joan Aiken

The first in the series of hilarious adventures with Arabel and the raven Mortimer. ...

ISBN: 9781847806918

Binding: Paperback