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Court of Mist and Fury

by Sarah J. Maas

The stunning sequel to Sarah J. Maas' <i>New York Times </i>bestselling <i>A</i> <i>Court of Thorns and Roses </i>and a No.1 <i>New York Times </i>bestseller. <br> <br> Feyre survived Amarantha's clutches to return to the Spring Court - but at a

ISBN: 9781408857885

Binding: Paperback


Crafty Makes: 51 things to do with Toilet Rolls

by Fiona Hayes

Crafty Makes is perfect for those with a creative, crafty streak eage to put their skills to task on recyclable materials in the home. ...

ISBN: 9781784935580

Binding: Hardback


Crafty Makes: 51 things to make with Egg cartons

by Fiona Hayes

51 things to make with Egg Cartons transforms unwanted egg crtons into dinosaurs, monsters and much more. ...

ISBN: 9781784935573

Binding: Hardback


Criminalizing Children

Welfare and the State in Australia

by David McCallum

<p>Incarceration of children is rising rapidly throughout of Australia, with indigenous children most at risk of imprisonment. Indigenous and non-indigenous children have been subject to detention in both welfare and justice systems in ...

ISBN: 9781108506960

Binding: Kobo eBook



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Curious Guide to Things that Aren't

Things you can't always touch, see, or hear. Can you guess what they are?

by Abby Carter

<i>The Curious Guide to Things That Aren't</i> features 26 thoughtful riddles, one for each letter of the alphabet, with clues to solve about intangible items such as air, breath, and jokes. ...

ISBN: 9781633221765

Binding: Hardback


Dance Is for Everyone

by Andrea Zuill

<p><b>Age range 3 &amp; up</b></p><p><i>An alligator dancing ballet?</i> When the reptile takes her place at the barre, Mrs. Iraina and her dancers are surprised. But they name her Tanya and let her stay. Mrs. Iraina even creates a ballet to ...

ISBN: 9781454921141

Binding: Hardback


Day of the Dinosaurs

by Daniel Chester

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about dinosaurs in this book that allows you to compare the biggest, fastest and fiercest creatures of the land, sea and sky from four different prehistoric periods: the Triassic, the early Jurassic, the ...

ISBN: 9781847808219

Binding: Hardback


Design, Animate and Create with Computer Graphics

by Max Wainewright

Learn how to design, animate and create incredible computer graphics using free software. ...

ISBN: 9781784937461

Binding: Paperback


Destruction of the Overworld

Herobrine Reborn Book Two: A Gameknight999 Adventure: An Unofficial Minecrafter s Adventure

by Mark Cheverton

<p><b>Age range 9 to 12</b></p><p><b>The Ender Dragon, infected by the Herobrine virus, has escaped into the Overworld!</b><br><br>Gameknight999 and his father, Monkeypants271, traveled all the way to The End and banished the evil virus ...

ISBN: 9781510700154

Binding: Paperback


Developing Critical Readers in the Classroom

by Maureen Hoey

In this book, an in-depth insight into an Irish fifth class classroom is provided to reveal the behaviour, development, advancement and critical thinking of pupils as readers based on the research, theories and pedagogies of Frank Serafini. This

ISBN: 9781785541377

Binding: Kobo eBook



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Diana and Her Rhinoceros

by Edward Ardizzone

ISBN: 9781845079000

Binding: Hardback


Ding Dong! Merrily on High

A Pop-up Book of Christmas Carols

by Francesca Crespi

ISBN: 9781845078614

Binding: Hardback


Dinosaur Facts For Kids

Children's Dinosaur Books

by Speedy Publishing

A child would enjoy a Dinosaur Facts for Kids Picture Book because children naturally want to obtain knowledge and enjoy learning. Dinosaurs are very interesting to children and children often like to learn new things about them. Seeing the ...

ISBN: 9781635010985

Binding: Kobo eBook

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by Chris Wormell

The newest title in the Welcome to the Museum series focuses its attention on the impressive beasts that once ruled the world dinosaurs. The 2017 offering from Big Picture Press's Welcome to the Museum series, Dinosaurium is a stunningly ...

ISBN: 9781783707928

Binding: Hardback


Dinosaurs (History Uncovered)

An Exciting Look at the Age of Dinosaurs

by Dennis Schatz

This illustrated guide to the Mesozoic Era takes a look at the most exciting dinosaurs and reveals how the globe changed as plates separated and life evolved. ...

ISBN: 9780760360330

Binding: Board book


Dinosaurs in 30 Seconds

30 Amazing Topics for Archaeological Adventures Explained in Half a Minute / for Kids Who Dig Dinosaurs

by Yolanda Zappaterra

This fresh and exciting book takes young readers on a fascinating journey from the development of the first life forms on the planet to the emergence of the dinosaurs - and their eventual extinction. ...

ISBN: 9781782403999

Binding: Paperback


Discovering Dinosaurs

by Simon Chapman

This is the the most thrilling, adventure book, ever! Written by a real-life adventurer, Simon Chapman, be prepared to live your dream and imagine you discovered the dinosaurs. It's your chance to battle blizzards with swarms of vipers in the ...

ISBN: 9781408194614

Binding: Hardback


DNA Detectives: To Catch a Thief


In the first book of the DNA Detectives series Annabelle and Harry's pet dog, Milly goes missing. After putting up posters and waiting on their parents they don't know what to do.But when a number of their friend's pets also vanish the children ...

ISBN: 9781906670504

Binding: Paperback


Doctor Academy

by Steve Martin

Fun-filled activity book introducing the basic skills needed to become a doctor, packed with extras including stickers, a pull-out poster, a game and a press-out model. ...

ISBN: 9781782405221

Binding: Paperback


Doing Christmas

by Sarah Garland

ISBN: 9781845077242

Binding: Hardback