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'A Face Like a Chicken’s Backside'

An Unconventional Soldier in South East Asia, 1948-71

by J P Cross

<p>The jungle can be seen as the environment closest to mankind’s primaeval origins and the setting in which he, or most of his kind, is least at home. Conflicts in jungle regions pose unique problems and demand special soldiering skills. J.P. ...

ISBN: 9780750966825

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100 Mandela Moments

by Kate Sidley

<p>How do you retell the well-worn life story of a national icon? One way is this: a palimpsest of a hundred memories of the great man, revolutionary, world leader, and family figure, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birth. Kate Sidley ...

ISBN: 9781868429035

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1000 Lashes

Because I Say What I Think

by Raif Badawi

<p><b>"Raif Badawi's is an important voice for all of us to hear"</b>— Salman Rushdie<br><br>Raif Badawi, a Saudi Arabian blogger, shared his thoughts on politics, religion, and liberalism online. He was sentenced to 1,000 lashes, ten years in ...

ISBN: 9781771642095

Binding: Paperback


101 Things You Didn't Know about Da Vinci

Inventions, Intrigue, and Unfinished Works

by Cynthia Phillips & Shana Priwer

<p>Timed to coincide with the release of Walter Isaacson’s latest biography on the famous painter and inventor, as well as the latest thriller in Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code series, this book includes 101 in-depth facts about Leonardo Da ...

ISBN: 9781507206607

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101 Things You Didn't Know about Da Vinci: Inventions, Intrigue, and Unfinished Works

by Shana Priwer

Synopsis coming soon....... ...

ISBN: 9781507206591

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13 Hours: The explosive true story of how six men fought a terror attack and repelled enemy forces

by Mitchell Zuckoff

<i>13 HOURS</i> is the true account of the events of 11 September 2012, when terrorists attacked a US State Compound and a nearby CIA station in Libya, one of the most dangerous corners of the globe. On that fateful day, a team of six American ...

ISBN: 9781785030529

Binding: Paperback


15 Years of War

How the Longest War in U.S. History Affected a Military Family in Love, Loss, and the Cost Of Service

by Kristine Schellhaas

<p>Less than 1% of our nation will ever serve in our armed forces, leaving many to wonder what life is really like for military families. He answers the call of duty in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Pacific; she keeps the home fires burning. Worlds

ISBN: 9781611213492

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1917: Lenin, Wilson, and the Birth of the New World Disorder

by Arthur Herman

How did two men move the world away from wars for land and treasure to wars over ideas and ideologies-a change that would go on to kill millionsIn April 1917, Woodrow Wilson-champion of American democracy but also of segregation, advocate for ...

ISBN: 9780062570895

Binding: Paperback


30-Second Napoleon

The 50 fundamentals of his life, strategies, and legacy, each explained in half a minute

by Quarto UK

The 50 fundamentals of his life, strategies, and legacy, each explained in half a minute ...

ISBN: 9781782405108

Binding: Hardback


50 Famous People in Ancient History for Kids

by Baby Professor

Why should a child be bothered with the events of the past and the people who made them possible? Well, because the study of history brings to light lessons about cultures, traditions, and the decisions that changed the world. In this book, we ...

ISBN: 9781541905788

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50 Famous People in Modern History for Kids

by Baby Professor

In the following pages, we will get to know about the 50 Famous People in Modern History. We will get to see their pictures, learn about their lives and even understand the reasons why they became famous. It’s important to know, but not ...

ISBN: 9781541905795

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65 Years of Friendship

by George Bizos

<p>65 Years of Friendship tells the heartrending story of a remarkable friendship between two remarkable men: world-renowned human-rights lawyer George Bizos, and Nelson Mandela. George and Madiba met as students at the University of the ...

ISBN: 9781415208861

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A Brief History of Florence Nightingale

and Her Real Legacy, a Revolution in Public Health

by Hugh Small

ISBN: 9781472140289

Binding: Paperback


A Child’s War

by Richard Ballard

<p>In the 1940 London blitz, George Ryland, a skilled engineer, and his wife Edna lose the style of life it took them years of struggle to obtain when they are bombed out of the house they own in a pleasant suburb. The nostalgic story of their ...

ISBN: 9781906986476

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A Consequential President

The Legacy of Barack Obama

by Michael D'Antonio

Once a most unlikely candidate, Barack Obama’s successful campaign for the White House made him a worldwide sensation and a transformative figure even before he was inaugurated. Elected as the Iraq War and Great Recession discouraged millions of

ISBN: 9781250081391

Binding: Hardback


A Crooked Rib

by Judy Corbalis

<b>A compelling novel based on the disastrous and scandalous marriage of New Zealand's Governor Sir George Grey and his lively young wife, Eliza Lucy.</b>Trapped in an increasingly loveless union, Sir George and his wife, Eliza Lucy, each sought

ISBN: 9781775538271

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A Cruel Captivity

Prisoners of the Japanese – Their Ordeal and The Legacy

by Ellie Taylor

<p>Carefully and sensitively researched, A Cruel Captivity describes the ordeals of, and lasting impact on, survivors of Japanese captivity.</p> <p>Differing in a number of respects from other moving POW accounts, this book covers the ...

ISBN: 9781526732620

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A Dangerous Woman

American Beauty, Noted Philanthropist, Nazi Collaborator - The Life of Florence Gould

by Susan Ronald

Born in turn-of-the-century San Francisco to French parents, Florence moved to Paris, aged eleven. Believing that only money brought respectability and happiness, she became the third wife of Frank Jay Gould, son of the railway millionaire Jay ...

ISBN: 9781250092212

Binding: Hardback


A Dictionary of Political Biography

by Christopher Riches & Dennis Kavanagh

<p>Originally compiled by an expert team of contributors, this dictionary covers all the major figures in world politics of the twentieth century. Authoritative and wide-ranging, it describes and assesses the lives of more than 1,100 men and ...

ISBN: 9780192518439

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A Dog Called Hope

The wounded warrior and the dog who dared to love him

by Damien Lewis

ISBN: 9781784297169

Binding: Paperback