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Portraits: John Berger on Artists

by John Berger

ISBN: 9781784781798

Binding: Paperback


Postcards from the Trenches

by Irene Guenther

German art student Otto Schubert was 22 years old when he was drafted into the Great War. As the conflict unfolded, he painted a series of postcards that he sent to his sweetheart, Irma. During the battles of Ypres and Verdun, Schubert filled ...

ISBN: 9781350015753

Binding: Hardback


Potential Images

Ambiguity and Indeterminacy in Modern Art

by Dario Gamboni

Explores ambiguity in modern art, considering images that rely to a very particular degree on an imaginative or a projected response from the viewer to achieve their effect. ...

ISBN: 9781861891495

Binding: Paperback


Print and Production Finishes for Bags, Labels and Point of Purchase

by Jessica Glaser

ISBN: 9782940361946

Binding: Hardback


Really Good Packaging Explained

Top Design Professionals Critique 300 Package Designs and Explain What Makes Them Work

by Rob Wallace

ISBN: 9781592535453

Binding: Paperback


Renaissance Art

by Tom Nichols

The fifteenth century saw the evolution of a distinct and powerfully influential European artistic culture. But what does the familiar phrase ?Renaissance Art? actually refer to? Through engaging discussion of timeless works by artists such as ...

ISBN: 9781743105269

Binding: CD-Extra

Audio Book

Renaissance Art: A Beginners Guide

by Tom Nichols

The fifteenth century saw the evolution of a distinct and powerfully influential European artistic culture. But what does the familiar phrase Renaissance Art actually refer to' Through engaging discussion of timeless works by artists such as Jan

ISBN: 9781851687244

Binding: Paperback



A step-by-step drawing & story book

by Jickie Torres

ISBN: 9781600581540

Binding: Paperback


Sagmeister & Walsh: Beauty

by Stefan Sagmeister

ISBN: 9780714877273

Binding: Paperback


Scratch & Create: Amazing Endangered Animals

Learn About Their Characteristics and Challenges as you Scratch to Reveal Portraits

by Anne Bentley

ISBN: 9781631593956

Binding: Paperback


Scratch & Create: Amazing Women

Learn About 20 Brilliant and Inspiring Women as you Scratch to Reveal Their Original Portraits

by Anne Bentley

Read fascinating bios on 20 incredible women and see if you know who they are as you scratch away the metallic coating to reveal beautiful portraits by artist Anne Bentley. ...

ISBN: 9781631593949

Binding: Paperback


Scratch & Create: Scratch and Draw Patterns

Use the easy-to-follow drawings to make your own beautiful artwork!

by Zoe Ingram

Lose yourself in 20 spiral, tangle, and geometric pattern designs with a twist! Each page is coated in metallic foil to be scraped away to reveal the colour below. ...

ISBN: 9781631593918

Binding: Paperback


Shakespeare: A Beginners Guide

by Ros King

Whether the fault of tedious teachers or hammy actors, Shakespeare is often seen as dry and impenetrable. In this fast-paced introduction, Ros King sets out to remind us of the sheer beauty and sophistication that can make Shakespeare's works a ...

ISBN: 9781851687893

Binding: Paperback



by New Holland Publishers

Michael Muller has carved a career out of impressive encounters. Famed for his portraits of the world’s most elite actors, musicians, and sports stars, he has in the last decade built up one of the most spectacular portfolios of underwater shark

ISBN: 9783836553599

Binding: Hardback


Sketch Now, Think Later

Jump into Urban Sketching with Limited Time, Tools, and Techniques

by Mike Yoshiaki Daikubara

Boston-based urban artist Mike Daikubara gives beginners a course in location sketching in any city.<br> ...

ISBN: 9781631593444

Binding: Paperback


Soft & Snuggly Cacti (Crochet Characters)

12 Succulent Designs

by Jana Whitley

Grow a low-maintenance garden with this cacti crochet kit! Twelve projects and all the supplies to create two cacti make this a perfect gardening project for any time of year. ...

ISBN: 9780760355213

Binding: Paperback


Stealing the Mystic Lamb

The True Story of the World's Most Coveted Masterpiece

by Noah Charney

ISBN: 9781610390965

Binding: Paperback


Still Lifes

Master the basic theories and techniques of painting still lifes in acrylic

by Varvara Harmon

ISBN: 9781600583896

Binding: Paperback


Street Culture Book and CD

Make Thousands of Customized Graphics from Hundreds of Image Templates

by Quarto US

ISBN: 9781592536665

Binding: Paperback


Supernatural: The Men Of Letters Bestiar

by Tim Waggoner

Synopsis coming soon....... ...

ISBN: 9781683830269

Binding: Hardback