Air Disasters of the World

From the Early Days of Flight to the Jet Age - Disasters in the Sky

by Xavier Waterkeyn

Even after a century of commercial air travel, and in spite of the tens of thousands of safe plane trips taken every day, air disasters continue to fascinate. In this gripping book, Xavier Waterkeyn explores more than 200 notable air crashes, ...

ISBN: 9781742574745

Binding: Hardback


Austin Allegro: An Enthusiast's Guide


The stylist of the Austin Allegro, Harris Mann, said of the car that "It took a lot of stick, but it wasn't that bad a car ... The trouble was that everyone off the line was different in some way, thanks to quality control." As a result, few have ...

ISBN: 9781847976765

Binding: Paperback / softback


Aviation Book: The World's Aircraft from A-Z

by Fia O Caoimh

ISBN: 9780500513033

Binding: Hardback


Built for Adventure: The Classic Automobiles of Clive Cussler and Dir k Pitt

by Cussler Clive

A gorgeous tour through Clive Cussler's outstanding collection of rare, classic, and antique automobiles. Featuring stunning color photographs by Ronnie Bramhall.Fans of Clive Cussler's bestselling Dirk Pitt series know that his hero has a soft ...

ISBN: 9780399158100

Binding: Hardback


Changing Scene of Merchant Shipping

A Photographic Survey

by David Hucknall

The shipping industry is one of constant, dramatic change, and the period since the late 1990s is no exception. Driven by a multitude of factors, including globalisation, technological advances, the demand for higher efficiency and ever-larger ...

ISBN: 9780752493398

Binding: Paperback


Big Book of Flight, The

by Rowland White

Everybody dreams of flying. For as long as we've been able to look up and see the birds we've wanted to join them. But our efforts to do so have not always been as elegant or accomplished. Instead, there's been danger, excitement, courage and ...

ISBN: 9780593070314

Binding: Hardback


Classic British Motorcycles

by Colin Jackson

Until the 1950s, even into the '60s, British motor cycle makers ruled the roost such as Scott, Rudge, BSA, Norton and Vincent. Gloriously illustrated and written by a world-leading authoritarian figure on powered motorcycling, Classic British ...

ISBN: 9781781550861

Binding: Hardback


How to Fly a Plane

by Luke Barnard

ISBN: 9780500513743

Binding: Hardback



Station to Station on the London Underground

by Oliver Green

From Norman Foster's remarkable station at Canary Wharf to the Yellow-brick vaults of Baker street to the Art Deco exuberance of Arnos Grove, London's tube stations are among its most distinctive and iconic buildings.

ISBN: 9780747812272

Binding: Hardback


Aviation Book: The World's Aircraft from A to Z

by Fia O Caoimh

ISBN: 9780500515952

Binding: Hardback


From Hansom to Hackney

The Complete History of British Taxi Service

by Danny Roth

Whether living in an urban sprawl, a sunny suburb or rolling countryside, the taxi is a mode of transport that no doubt every resident of the UK will use in their lives. So prevalent is it in British society that the black cab has become one of ...

ISBN: 9780752499413

Binding: Paperback


The Spitfire

Icon of a Nation

by Ivan Rendall

Designed to be the best fighter in the world the creators of the Spitfire married science, technology and art to create both 'a thing of beauty' and a deadly weapon that changed the course of the war. 'You don't just strap yourself in, you buckle ...

ISBN: 9780753826324

Binding: Hardback


Veteran Cars: Amazing New Zealand Collections

by Steve Reid

The veteran car movement is alive and well in New Zealand. VETERAN CARS: AMAZING NEW ZEALAND COLLECTIONS takes a look at just a small cross section of enthusiasts dedicated to the restoration and preservation of our early motoring history and ...

ISBN: 9781775540274

Binding: Hardback


Cuba, Cars and Cigars

Classic 1950s American Automobiles

by Martin W. Bowman

Captivating and anachronistic colour images with informative captions in a Third World setting of Cuban-owned and operated automobiles, trucks and station wagons from 1949-1960. An opportunity to see 1930s, 1940s and (mainly) 1950s American cars ...

ISBN: 9781781551882

Binding: Hardback


Railway Day Trips: 150 Classic Train Journeys from Around Britain

by Julian Holland

This pocket guide is unashamedly about the train, the railway and its immediate environs. A guide to the best Britain has to offer from the window of the iconic train it will include the following railway routes: , ∗London to York/Leeds ...

ISBN: 9780007497157

Binding: Paperback / softback


Steam Locomotive Story

by David Wragg

The steam locomotive was a British invention and even today, the world speed record for steam remains with a British locomotive, Mallard. Steams first significant contribution to British industry was through powering pumping engines for mines.

ISBN: 9780752488066

Binding: Hardback


Top Gear: My Dad Had One of Those

by Giles/Porter, Richard Chapman

Good old Dad and his good old Dad's car. As solid and dependable as the man himself, if a little less balding, Dad's car was almost a member of the family, whisking you to exciting days out, or just to visit boring relatives in distant parts of ...

ISBN: 9780563539193

Binding: Hardback


Triumph Motorcycles 1956 - 1983

Enthusiast's Guide

by Timothy Remus

This new Enthusiasts Guide for Triumphs breaks down each model, those built between 1956 when the first TR6 was introduced, and 1983, when Triumph Motorcycles LTD filed for bankruptcy. Each listing starts by describing the models in question, and ...

ISBN: 9781935828976

Binding: Paperback


Design Museum Fifty Cars that Changed the World

by The Design Museum

Everything around us is designed and the word design has become part of our everyday experience. But how much do we know about it? Fifty Cars That Changed the World imparts that knowledge listing the top 50 cars that have made a substantial ...

ISBN: 9781840915365

Binding: Hardback


Dictionary of Motorbike Brands in the Department of the Seine


Almost 150 years ago, the very first motorbike in the world, the steam-driven Perreaux motorbike, made its debut on the paving stones of the Porte Maillot in Paris. After that, hundreds of different brands of motorbikes sprang up in the vast ...

ISBN: 9782352502562

Binding: Hardback