Bakery Products Science and Technology 2E

by Weibiao Zhou

Baking is a process that has been practiced for centuries, and bakery products range in complexity from the simple ingredients of a plain pastry to the numerous components of a cake. While currently there are many books available aimed at food ...

ISBN: 9781119967156

Binding: Hardback


Project Finance for Construction and Infrastructure - Principles and Case Studies

by Frederik Pretorius

This is a self-contained text on the logic and institutions of project finance, supplemented by a series of project finance case studies illustrating applications in different economic environments, across different jurisdictions and at ...

ISBN: 9781405151276

Binding: Hardback


Under the Microscope

by Earl Owen

ISBN: 9780857981196

Binding: Book


Wine Science

The Application of Science in Winemaking

by Jamie Goode

ISBN: 9781845338787

Binding: Hardback


Harnessing Green It - Principles and Practices

by San Murugesan

ISBN: 9781119970057

Binding: Hardback


Plant Breeding 2E

by Jack Brown

This book, Plant Breeding, has it bases in an earlier text entitled An Introduction to Plant Breeding by Jack Brown and Peter Caligari, first published in 2008. The challenges facing today?s plant breeders have never been more overwhelming, yet ...

ISBN: 9780470658307

Binding: Paperback


Reconnecting the City - the Historic Urban Landscape Approach and the Future of Urban Heritage

by Francesco Bandarin

Historic Urban Landscape is a new approach to urban heritage management, promoted by UNESCO, and currently one of the most debated issues in the international preservation community. However, few conservation practitioners have a clear ...

ISBN: 9781118383988

Binding: Paperback


Nikon D600 for Dummies

by Julie Adair King

A full-color beginner guide to the basics of the Nikon D600 The Nikon D600 is a professional-level full-frame sensor that is sure to attract an audience of DSLR newcomers and pros. This friendly-and-thorough full-color guide shows you how to get

ISBN: 9781118530795

Binding: Paperback


Public-sector Project Management

Meeting the Challenges and Achieving Results

by David Wirick

Managing projects is always a challenge, but those challenges multiply in the public sector. Filling the gap for public-sector project managers, this book provides tools and templates for public-sector managers who must overcome limited ...

ISBN: 9780470487310

Binding: Hardback


Broadband Wireless Multimedia Networks

by Benny Bing

Providing a clear review of all major wireless broadband standards with an emphasis on managing the explosive growth in mobile video, this book gives an accessible overview of the various standards as well as practical information on 802.11 link

ISBN: 9780470923542

Binding: Hardback


Fundamentals of Signal Processing for Sound and Vibration Engineers

by Kihong Shin

Fundamentals of Signal Processing for Sound and Vibration Engineers is based on Joe Hammond?s many years of teaching experience at the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, University of Southampton. Whilst the applications presented ...

ISBN: 9780470511886

Binding: Hardback


World Fisheries - a Social-ecological Analysis

by Rosemary Ommer

This exciting new book grew out of an international symposium held at FAO, Rome in July 2008, but it is not just a collection of papers from that symposium. Rather, the publication brings together work on social-ecological marine research that ...

ISBN: 9781444334678

Binding: Hardback


Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing Materials Processes and Systems 5E Binder Ready Version

by Mikell P. Groover

This text is an unbound, binder-ready edition. Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing: Materials, Processes, and Systems, 5th Edition, is designed for a first course or two-course sequence in Manufacturing at the junior level in Mechanical, ...

ISBN: 9781118393673

Binding: Loose-leaf


The Automotive Body Manufacturing Systems and Processes

by Mohammed A. Omar

ISBN: 9780470976333

Binding: Hardback


Engineering Informatics - Fundamentals of Computer-aided Engineering 2E

by Benny Raphael

ISBN: 9781119953418

Binding: Hardback


Principles of Wireless Access and Localization 2E

by Kaveh Pahlavan

A comprehensive, encompassing and accessible text examining a wide range of key Wireless Networking and Localization technologies This book provides a unified treatment of issues related to all wireless access and wireless localization ...

ISBN: 9780470697085

Binding: Hardback


Flora of Australia Volume 26

Meliaceae, Rutaceae and Zygophyllaceae

by Australian Biological Resources Study

Volume 26 describes three families of plants, Meliaceae, Rutaceae and Zygophyllaceae, with 61 genera and 588 species. Meliaceae is a largely tropical family and includes the well-known Toona ciliata, Red Cedar, as well as Melia azedarach, White ...

ISBN: 9780643109551

Binding: Hardback



by Ian Smillie

Diamonds are a multi-billion dollar business involving some of the world?s largest mining companies, a million and a half artisanal diggers, more than a million cutters and polishers and a huge retail jewellery sector. But behind the sparkle of ...

ISBN: 9780745672311

Binding: Paperback


Wind Energy Basics

A Guide to Home- and Community-scale Wind Energy Systems

by Paul Gipe

ISBN: 9781603580304

Binding: Paperback


Autodesk Infraworks and Infraworks 360 Essentials

Autodesk Official Press

by Eric Chappell

Your guide to quickly learning InfraWorks Autodesk InfraWorks Essentials is a complete, hands-on tutorial for InfraWorks, the powerful design tool that lets you quickly generate 3D models to create infrastructure designs and proposals. This ...

ISBN: 9781118862032

Binding: Paperback