Beyond the Checkride: Flight Basics Your Instructor Never Taught You

by Howard Fried & Gene Gailey

ISBN: 9780071822534

Binding: Paperback / softback


Faster: 100 Ways to Improve Your Digital Life

by Fadia Ankit

Our phones, computers and tablets are getting more powerful - but how many of us know the ways to get the most out of them? Bestselling author Ankit Fadia show you how.. Send an email in the future Fake an incoming call on your mobile phone Catch ...

ISBN: 9780143419709

Binding: Paperback / softback


Formal Methods Applied to Industrial Complex Systems

by Jean-Louis Boulanger

A presentation of real examples of industrial uses for formal methods such as SCADE, the B-Method, ControlBuild, Matelo, etc. in various fields, such as railways, aeronautics, and the automotive industry, the purpose of this book is to present a ...

ISBN: 9781848216327

Binding: Hardback


Signaling System #7, Sixth Edition

by Travis Russell

ISBN: 9780071822145

Binding: Hardback


Smart Data Pricing

by John Wiley & Sons Inc (US)

As demand for data increases, Smart Data Pricing fills a market void in information on telecommunication economics. The book carefully addresses technical issues and workplace policies, system development and integration, research proposals, and ...

ISBN: 9781118611661

Binding: Hardback


Under the Microscope

by Earl Owen

Under the Microscope is the story of an extraordinary man, his many life-changing inventions, and his exceptional life and special friendships. Born into a family of doctors - on the paternal and maternal sides - with a birth defect that no one ...

ISBN: 9780857981196

Binding: Paperback


Adaptive Distributed Communication in Mobile Systems

Model-based Provisioning and Management

by Sakkaravarthi Ramanathan

ISBN: 9781848215351

Binding: Hardback


Bakery Products Science and Technology 2E

by Weibiao Zhou & Y. H. Hui

While thousands of books on baking are in print aimed at food service operators, culinary art instruction, and consumers, relatively few professional publications exist that cover the science and technology of baking. In Bakery Products Science ...

ISBN: 9781119967156

Binding: Hardback


One River Explorations and Discoveries in the Amazon Rain Forest

by Random House UK

From the author of INTO THE SILENCE, winner of the Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction In 1941, Richard Evans Schultes took a leave of absence from Harvard University and disappeared into the Northern Amazon of Colombia. The world's leading ...

ISBN: 9780099592969

Binding: Paperback


Smaller Faster Lighter Denser Cheaper

How Innovation Keeps Proving the Catastrophists Wrong

by Robert Bryce

In the face of today's environmental and economic challenges, doomsayers preach that the only way to stave off disaster is for humans to reverse course: to de-industrialize, re-localize, reduce consumption and forswear development.

ISBN: 9781610395250

Binding: Paperback


Live Your Passion: Building a Watch Manufacturer: Frederique Constant SA, Alpina, deMonico


In 1988, Aletta and Peter Stas founded Frederique Constant, a manufacturer based in Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva, that develops exceptional and affordable wristwatches. This book, presented in intimate interview form, reflects the passion and vision ...

ISBN: 9780764346163

Binding: Hardback


Managing Complex Projects and Programs

How to Improve Leadership of Complex Initiatives Using a Third-generation Approach

by R. J. Heaslip

Manage projects and programs with an innovative new framework that rethinks complex endeavors Despite being a major process in PMI's body of knowledge and having its own standard document and certificate designation based on successful experience ...

ISBN: 9781118383018

Binding: Hardback



The biography of an extraordinary honey

by Exisle Publishing Ltd

Not so long ago, in a small island nation in the South Pacific, beekeepers produced a most peculiar honey. It was much darker than the clover honey everyone put on their toast in the morning, and it tasted very different. In fact, the honey was a ...

ISBN: 9781775591634

Binding: Paperback


Program Management for Improved Business Results, Second Edition

by Russ Martinelli, James M. Waddell & Tim Rahschulte

ISBN: 9781118627921

Binding: Hardback


The Access Manual - Designing, Auditing and Managing Inclusive Built Environments 3E

by Ann Sawyer & Keith Bright

This manual covers the design, improvement, maintenance and management of accessible environments. It shows you how to provide and run buildings, services, and employment facilities to enable independent and convenient use by everyone.

ISBN: 9781118730744

Binding: Paperback / softback


Canon Eos Rebel T5/1200D for Dummies

by King

Capturing greatness with the Canon EOS Rebel T5/1200D is just a click away Congratulations on your new Canon! Not sure where to begin? No worries! Canon EOS Rebel T5/1200D For Dummies makes it easy to cut through the intimidation of working with ...

ISBN: 9781118933626

Binding: Paperback


Telecommunications Crash Course, Third Edition

by Steven Shepard

ISBN: 9780071832663

Binding: Paperback / softback


30 BeagleBone Black Projects for the Evil Genius

by Christopher Rush

ISBN: 9780071839280

Binding: Paperback / softback


Architectural Modelmaking

by T&H UK Distributed

ISBN: 9781780671727

Binding: Paperback


Diversity Fractional Differentiation for System Dynamics

by Alain Oustaloup

Based on a structured approach to diversity, notably inspired by various forms of diversity of natural origins, Diversity and Non-integer Derivation Applied to System Dynamics provides a study framework to the introduction of the non-integer ...

ISBN: 9781848214750

Binding: Hardback